Osmay Acosta

Osmay Acosta

Cuban boxer
Date of Birth: 03.04.1985
Country: Cuba

Biography of Osmai Acosta

Osmai Acosta is a Cuban boxer, best known for his victory at the 2007 PanAm Games in the heavyweight division. He started his career by winning the World Cadet Championships in 2001, defeating Zaur Teymurov along the way. Acosta then became the junior world champion, defeating Nikolai Galacki, Alisher Matniazov, and Dmitriy Gotfrid.

Transitioning to the professional level, Acosta continued to demonstrate his high-level skills. However, in 2005, he was disqualified at the national championship. The following year, he suffered a defeat against Odlanier Solis, ending his pursuit of becoming the heavyweight champion. Acosta decided to change weight class and participated in the Central American Games, where he achieved a brilliant victory. In 2006, he was part of the Cuban team for the Boxing World Cup.

In 2007, Acosta became the national champion by defeating Ismaikel Perez. Shortly after, his victory over Adam Willett paved the way for him to compete in the PanAm Games. He won convincingly, defeating Rafael Lima and then Jose Julio Payares in the final. Acosta also secured victories against Alexander Povernov at the Nations Cup and Denis Poyatsika at the Ahmet Comert Cup.

Acosta had promising chances of winning at the World Championships, but unfortunately, Cuba did not participate in the 2007 edition. He remained undefeated for almost a year until suffering a defeat in the 2008 Strandya Cup against relatively unknown Scottish boxer Stevie Simmons. Acosta later participated in the national championship games.

His victory over Deontay Wilder earned Acosta a spot at the Beijing Olympics, where he ultimately lost to Russian boxer Rakhim Chakhkeiv. At the 2009 World Amateur Boxing Championships, Acosta defeated John M'Bumba but later lost to Egor Mekhontsev, earning him a silver medal.

Overall, Osmai Acosta's career highlights his skills and achievements as a Cuban boxer, showcasing his abilities on both the amateur and professional levels.