Peg Phillips

Peg Phillips

American actress
Date of Birth: 20.09.1918
Country: USA

  1. Biography of Peg Phillips
  2. Starting an Acting Career
  3. Popular Roles
  4. Later Career and Personal Life

Biography of Peg Phillips

Peg Phillips, born as Margaret Linton, was an American actress. She was born in Everett, Washington in 1918. From a young age, Peg had a passionate dream of becoming an actress. She participated in all amateur productions, but acting remained just a hobby for her for a long time.

Peg Phillips

In the 1960s, Peg lived in Santa Cruz, California, working as an accountant. However, her admiration for the theater and acting always remained with her. After retiring, Peg moved to Washington, where her other life began.

Peg Phillips

Starting an Acting Career

Peg Phillips entered the acting profession at an unusual age for actors – she was 65 years old. However, she was never able to complete her studies at the University of Washington, where she had enrolled. According to the actress, she had too much work at the time. Regardless, Peg's acting career started in 1985 when she appeared in the television drama "Chase" by Rod Holcomb.

Popular Roles

Over the years, Peg Phillips played various roles in television and film. In 1990, she appeared in Christopher Monger's comedy "Waiting for the Light" and in Nancy Savoca's war drama "Dogfight" the following year. However, her most popular role came in the television series "Northern Exposure." Initially, her character, Ruth-Anne Miller, was intended to be a recurring one, but she eventually became a regular cast member. Peg portrayed Ruth-Anne in 107 episodes of the show between 1990 and 1995.

Later Career and Personal Life

After "Northern Exposure," Peg continued to participate in several other television projects, including "ER," "Touched by an Angel," and "Unpredictable Susan." One of her notable later roles was Mrs. Hinkle in the series "7th Heaven." In 1994, Peg appeared in the family film "How the West Was Fun," a western directed by Stuart Margolin.

Peg Phillips passed away on November 7, 2002, at the age of 84. She was married twice and had three children – two daughters and a son. Unfortunately, only one of her daughters outlived her. Her first husband was Daniel Greene, and her second husband was Chester Phillips.

Throughout her career, Peg Phillips appeared in a total of 10 films and television works. Despite starting her acting career later in life, she left a lasting impact on the entertainment industry.