Peter Lloyd

Peter Lloyd

British man, victim of hypersensitivity to electromagnetic radiation.
Country: Great Britain

  1. Peter Lloyd: A British victim of electromagnetic hypersensitivity
  2. A life of seclusion
  3. A struggle against technology
  4. The onset of symptoms
  5. A breakthrough and current struggles
  6. Hope for a secluded sanctuary

Peter Lloyd: A British victim of electromagnetic hypersensitivity

Peter Lloyd, a British man in his 42, leads a truly reclusive lifestyle due to his condition known as electromagnetic hypersensitivity. In today's modern world, invisible electromagnetic waves are present everywhere, and while most of us are unaware of their impact, for Peter, they are a constant source of pain. His sensitivity to electromagnetic fields is so severe that it affects him physically, causing intense headaches whenever he is exposed to these fields.

Peter Lloyd

A life of seclusion

Peter's reclusive lifestyle is far from enjoyable. He is confined to his couch and is unable to use any modern entertainment devices such as television, computers, phones, or CD players. He also cannot rely on electricity for lighting or heating, and instead has to wash with water heated on a gas stove. Visitors to Peter's apartment are required to leave their cell phones at home or, at the very least, not bring them into his living space.

Peter Lloyd

A struggle against technology

Peter's aversion to high technology is not based on ideological reasons but rather the fact that it physically harms him. His heightened sensitivity to electromagnetic fields is a constant challenge. In today's world, it is nearly impossible to avoid exposure to these fields, whether it be from cell phones, passing cars, power lines, or Wi-Fi hotspots. To pass the time, Peter mostly reads books, typically by candlelight as even the emission from regular wiring causes him significant difficulties.

The onset of symptoms

Peter first noticed symptoms of his condition when he was 25 years old. Initially, he experienced a strange haze after working on a computer. The radiation directly affected his brain, making it difficult for him to think clearly and even articulate sentences. Peter recalls needing six attempts just to write a check at a store. Over time, the situation worsened, with even his own brick-like cell phone, which used the GSM network, affecting him.

A breakthrough and current struggles

Peter's love for scientific literature eventually helped him understand his condition. An article describing his symptoms led him to further research and a better understanding of electromagnetic hypersensitivity. After spending three years in Spain, Peter returned to Cardiff and soon lost his ability to walk. While his home initially provided him with shelter, his landlady could no longer tolerate the situation and decided to evict him, primarily due to the lack of heating. Local authorities are currently searching for a new place for Peter to live, but so far, no suitable accommodation has been found. The prospect of being hospitalized after eviction terrifies Peter, not because he dislikes hospitals, but because he knows they are filled with electrical equipment.

Hope for a secluded sanctuary

Peter believes that a secluded log cabin, far away from the modern amenities that harm him, would be the ideal solution. Unfortunately, no one is rushing to provide him with such a sanctuary. Peter's brother Simon is currently engaged in a futile battle with the authorities, and at the moment, there are no clear prospects for a resolution.