Philippe Gaubert

Philippe Gaubert

French musician, conductor, composer and flautist
Date of Birth: 04.07.1879
Country: France

Biography of Philippe Gaubert

Philippe Gaubert was a French musician, conductor, composer, and flutist. He was born in Cahors and moved to Paris with his family at the age of 7. Gaubert had already developed an interest in music, as his father, a shoemaker, played the clarinet. He began his musical journey with the violin but later switched to the flute when he moved to Paris. He received training from renowned teachers of the time, starting with Jules Taffanel and later his son Paul Taffanel.

Philippe Gaubert

In 1903, Gaubert won the main prize at the Paris Conservatory for his composed fugue. Two years later, he was awarded the Roman Prize of the second degree. In 1904, he was appointed as the second conductor of the orchestra of the Concert Society of the Paris Conservatory, where he worked until the outbreak of World War I.

Gaubert also played as the first flutist in the orchestra of the Paris Opera starting from 1897. He excelled not only in playing the flute but also studied composition and harmony under Xavier Leroux, Charles Ferdinand Lenepveu, and Raoul Stéphane Pugno.

During World War I, Gaubert was mobilized and fought near Verdun in 1916. After the war, he returned to music and took on three significant positions in 1919. He became a professor of the flute at the Paris Conservatory, the chief conductor of the Concert Society of the Paris Conservatory, and the musical director of the Paris Opera. He continued to perform as a musician until 1923, after which he focused on teaching, first the flute and then conducting.

In 1923, Gaubert published the 'Grande méthode de flûte' ('Complete Flute Method'), a work that he had started with his teacher, Paul Taffanel. The book received high praise in the press, particularly for the collaboration of two generations of flutists. Gaubert passed away in Paris on July 8, 1941, due to a stroke, just a few days after his ballet 'Le Chevalier et la Demoiselle' was released.