Ray Brown

Ray Brown

British healer
Country: Great Britain

  1. Ray Brown: The British Psi-Surgeon
  2. The Practice of Psi-Surgery
  3. A Miraculous Healing
  4. A Life Dedicated to Healing

Ray Brown: The British Psi-Surgeon

Ray Brown is a former builder and tattoo enthusiast who has gained popularity as a British psi-surgeon. He claims to heal his patients through communication with the spirit of the apostle Paul, who turned to Christianity after Jesus appeared to him on the road to Damascus. Despite not having any medical qualifications, Brown specializes in neurosurgery and cardiothoracic surgery, using his hands and spiritual instruments to treat conditions such as nerve compression and cancerous tumors. His methods, although controversial, have shown remarkable results for many of his patients.

Ray Brown

The Practice of Psi-Surgery

The concept of psi-surgery originated in spiritualist communities in Brazil and the Philippines over half a century ago. Over time, it spread worldwide, attracting followers even in developed Western countries. Traditional medical professionals often view psi-surgeons as frauds who take advantage of the desperation of their patients. However, supporters of psi-surgery believe that these practices can address diseases where conventional medicine fails. Psi-surgeons claim to directly access higher powers, allowing them to identify and treat underlying health issues that may have been overlooked by traditional doctors.

Ray Brown

A Miraculous Healing

Cynthia Knapp, a retired graphic designer from Worthing, England, suffered from debilitating rheumatoid arthritis that left her in immense pain. She could barely move and had to rely on others for even the most basic tasks. Seeking relief, Cynthia turned to Ray Brown, one of the most popular psi-surgeons in Britain, recommended by a friend.

Ray Brown

Despite her initial skepticism, Cynthia decided to give psi-surgery a chance. During her first session with Brown, he entered a deep trance state and placed his hands on her neck and back. He diagnosed her pain as nerve compression and performed a painful massage on the affected areas. To Cynthia's surprise, her pain disappeared within a few days. Now, she only requires monthly sessions with Brown to maintain her improved condition.

A Life Dedicated to Healing

Ray Brown, now 68 years old, claims that the apostle Paul has been with him since birth. However, it wasn't until he turned 21 and experienced a blinding white light that he fully realized his potential to help others. Since then, Brown and the spirit of Saint Paul have worked together for 46 years, healing people with various diagnoses, from cerebral palsy to multiple sclerosis. Some of his patients even include celebrities.

Brown describes himself as a conduit for the spirit of Saint Paul during moments of healing. He insists that he never advises patients to abandon traditional treatments and medications. In fact, his patients often receive concurrent medical care alongside psi-surgery. While his methods may be unconventional, Brown's patients, like Cynthia, credit him with their miraculous recoveries.