Raymundas Banionis

Raymundas Banionis

Lithuanian actor and director
Date of Birth: 12.05.1957
Country: Lithuania

  1. Biography of Raymundas Banionis
  2. Education and Early Career
  3. Acting Career
  4. Directing Career

Biography of Raymundas Banionis

Raymundas Banionis is a Lithuanian actor and director, born on [date]. He is the son of the renowned theater and film actor Donatas Banionis.

Education and Early Career

Banionis completed his studies at VGIK (All-Union State Institute of Cinematography) in 1980, where he studied under the guidance of masters such as L. Kulidzhanov and T. Lioznova.

Acting Career

In 1970, Banionis made his acting debut in the film "Pyatorka Otvazhnykh" (The Five Brave Ones). Two years later, he appeared in the film "Pyatnadtsataya Vesna" (The Fifteenth Spring).

Directing Career

Banionis ventured into directing in 1988 with the film "Ne Pomnyu Litsa Tvoyego" (I Don't Remember Your Face). He continued to showcase his directing skills in 1991 with the film "Deti Iz Otelia 'Amerika'" (Children from Hotel 'America'). In 1992, Banionis directed and wrote the screenplay for the film "Dzhaz" (Jazz).

Throughout his career, Raymundas Banionis has made significant contributions to the Lithuanian film industry as both an actor and director. His work has been recognized and appreciated by audiences and critics alike.