Ricardo Canales

Ricardo Canales

Honduran footballer
Date of Birth: 30.05.1982
Country: Honduras

  1. Biography of Ricardo Canales
  2. Early Career
  3. Club Career
  4. Honduran National Team

Biography of Ricardo Canales

Ricardo Canales is a Honduran football player who is best known for his role as a goalkeeper for the Honduran national team. He possesses quick reflexes and good agility, although he can sometimes be hesitant when coming out of the goal.

Early Career

Canales made his debut in the Honduran football league on May 16, 2001, playing for the club "Victoria" in a match against "Real Espana". He showcased his talent and quickly gained recognition in the league.

Club Career

In 2006, Canales transferred to another Honduran club, "Motagua", where he spent four seasons. However, on May 11th, after announcing the roster for the Honduran national team for the World Cup, representatives from "Motagua" informed Canales that the club no longer required his services.

Honduran National Team

Canales has been called up to the Honduran national team since 2007. Under the guidance of head coach Reinaldo Rueda, Canales was included in the team's roster for the 2010 FIFA World Cup as the third-choice goalkeeper.

Despite not seeing any playing time during the tournament, Canales' presence in the squad demonstrated his importance and potential as a skilled goalkeeper for the Honduran national team.