Ricardo Daniel Altamirano

Ricardo Daniel Altamirano

Argentine footballer, defender
Date of Birth: 12.12.1965
Country: Argentina

  1. Argentinian Footballer, Defender
  2. Success at Independiente
  3. Achievements at River Plate
  4. International Career

Argentinian Footballer, Defender

Ricardo Daniel Altamirano is an Argentinian footballer who primarily played as a defender. He started his career as a graduate of the youth academy of the club "Union Santa Fe". At the age of 21, he began playing in the Argentine football league.

Success at Independiente

In 1988, Altamirano moved to "Independiente", where he played until 1992 and won the national championship title. During his time at Independiente, he showcased his defensive skills and contributed to the team's success.

Achievements at River Plate

In 1992, Altamirano joined "River Plate" and remained with the club until 1997. During his time at River Plate, he clinched four championships and the prestigious Copa Libertadores. His defensive prowess and dedication to the team were crucial in achieving these successes.

International Career

Altamirano represented the Argentinian national team and played in 27 matches. He was a key player in winning two Copa America titles - in Chile in 1991 and Ecuador in 1993. His performances on the international stage showcased his skills and contributed to the national team's triumphs.

Overall, Ricardo Daniel Altamirano had a successful career as an Argentinian footballer. He excelled as a defender and made significant contributions to his club teams and the national team.