Roberto Bolano

Roberto Bolano

Poet from Chile, talented prose writer.
Date of Birth: 28.04.1953
Country: Chile

Biography of Roberto Bolano

Roberto Bolano was a talented Chilean poet and novelist. He was born on April 28, 1953, in Santiago, Chile, to a truck driver (who was once a successful boxer) and a teacher. Roberto and his sister spent their early years in the southern part of Chile, in the coastal zone.

Roberto Bolano

During his youth, Bolano was sickly, anemic, and seemingly a hopeless child. He was openly bullied and considered an outcast at school. In 1968, Roberto moved with his family to Mexico, where he became involved in politics and worked as a journalist.

Roberto Bolano

In 1973, a drastic change occurred in Bolano's life when he left Mexico and went to Chile to support Salvador Allende's socialist regime. However, after Augusto Pinochet came to power, Roberto was arrested, accused of terrorist activities, and imprisoned for over a week. He was fortunate to have two former classmates as prison guards who helped him escape.

Afterward, Roberto Bolano described the experiences he had in prison - endless waiting, unbearable screams, torture, and killings. He was unable to write or read while under arrest. In the 1970s, Bolano declared himself a Trotskyist and actively participated in political movements.

Upon returning to Mexico, Roberto focused on his literary work and immersed himself in the bohemian poetic life. In 1977, he embarked on a journey to Europe and settled in Spain, near Barcelona, on the Mediterranean coast. During the day, he worked odd jobs as a dishwasher, a watchman, a janitor, and a garbage collector. At night, Bolano never stopped writing.

In the early 1980s, Roberto moved to Catalonia and settled in one of its cities. He never ceased writing poetry and created numerous outstanding, albeit controversial, works. Bolano regularly clashed with various representatives of the Literary Association.

Roberto Bolano passed away in 2003 after a prolonged illness. It was rumored that he had liver problems, including hepatitis C and other ailments. Bolano was a renowned poet from Chile, a talented novelist whose work had significant importance. He received numerous awards, including the prestigious Rómulo Gallegos Prize.