Ruby Klokow

Ruby Klokow

American woman accused of murder.
Country: USA

  1. Biography of Ruby Clokou
  2. Early Life and Family
  3. Recent Developments
  4. Investigation and Confession
  5. Legal Consequences

Biography of Ruby Clokou

Early Life and Family

Ruby Clokou, an American woman accused of murder, was born in the early age and found herself as a mother of four children at a relatively young age. Her marriage did not work out, and her fondness for alcohol did not help her keep control. Clokou later admitted that she would have preferred not to have children at all. Tragically, her youngest daughter, Jeaneen Marie, died in 1957 after falling from a couch and injuring her head. This heartbreaking incident shocked many, but has mostly faded from people's memories.

Ruby Klokow

Recent Developments

Two years ago, the circumstances surrounding Jeaneen's death caught the attention of investigators again when Ruby Clokou's 55-year-old son, James, decided to share his long-held suspicions with the police. James told detectives about his mother's strong addiction to alcohol and how she would often take out her quick-tempered anger on her children. According to him, his late sister may have been a victim of one of these drunken outbursts.

Investigation and Confession

The police took James' statement seriously and began reviewing old reports from social services and hospitals. They exhumed Jeaneen Marie's body and examined it thoroughly, along with the body of another one of Ruby Clokou's children, Scott. The experts' verdict was clear - the injuries observed on Jeaneen's head, including scars and bruises, could not have been caused by a 16-inch fall from a couch. Instead, they indicated intentional physical abuse. Armed with this evidence, detectives confronted Ruby Clokou, and after a long conversation, she admitted her guilt. The woman confessed that she often treated her daughter and son harshly. On that fateful day, both children started crying at the same time, which infuriated Ruby. She grabbed her daughter from the stroller and threw her onto the couch. After the impact, the child let out a strange cry and went silent, with a strange expression in her eyes.

Legal Consequences

As a result of the conversation with Ruby Clokou, a clear and unambiguous picture emerged. Currently, the 74-year-old woman faces charges of child abuse and second-degree murder. Ruby has yet to appear in court, but her prospects are quite bleak. She could potentially be sentenced to 25 years in prison.