Sergey Volochkov

Sergey Volochkov

Belarusian and Russian pop singer (baritone).
Date of Birth: 03.04.1988
Country: Belarus

  1. Biography of Sergey Volchkov
  2. Childhood and Youth
  3. Education in Moscow
  4. Participation in 'The Voice' Music Project
  5. Hobbies and Principles
  6. Future Goals

Biography of Sergey Volchkov

Childhood and Youth

Sergey Volchkov was born on April 3, 1988, in the small Belarusian town of Bykhov, located in the Mogilev region. He grew up in a talented family, where his grandparents always lifted people's spirits with their songs and skilled harmonica playing. Sergey's father was also a talented poet. During his childhood, Sergey enjoyed playing football with friends, helping his grandparents with household chores, listening to music, and singing. Recognizing his talent, his parents enrolled him in a music school, where Sergey discovered his passion for music.

Sergey Volochkov

Education in Moscow

After finishing school, Sergey decided to pursue a career in music and enrolled in the Mogilev State Music College named after N. A. Rimsky-Korsakov. He received a good professional education and participated in various competitions, showcasing his talent. Determined to continue his education, Sergey later joined the Moscow Musical Theatre RATI, where he studied under the guidance of renowned vocalists Tamara Ilinichna Sinyavskaya and Rozetta Yakovlevna Nemchinskaya. He further honed his skills with the talented vocal coach Petr Sergeevich Gluboky. While studying in Moscow, Sergey faced financial challenges and took on various jobs, such as being a wedding entertainer, to support himself. Despite the difficulties, he continued to excel in his studies and participate in competitions and master classes. In 2010, Sergey became a scholar of the I. Dunaevsky Cultural Programs Foundation. His victory in the international competition "Romansiada" led to invitations to perform in prestigious venues such as the Kremlin and the Column Hall, where he shared the stage with renowned Russian artists Leonid Serebryannikov and Renat Ibragimov.

Sergey Volochkov

Participation in 'The Voice' Music Project

Sergey's exceptional vocal abilities brought him to the attention of Alexander Gradsky, a famous Russian musician. During his youth, Sergey had admired Gradsky's songs and vocal style. Under Gradsky's guidance, Sergey joined his group and showcased his talent on the reality TV show "The Voice." Sergey captivated the audience and judges with his emotional and melodic performances, despite opera not being a widely popular genre. His charisma, flawless execution, and friendly personality won over the audience, mentors, and fellow contestants. Sergey's success on "The Voice" opened doors for him to pursue a career on the big stage.

Sergey Volochkov

Hobbies and Principles

Despite his busy schedule with studies and performances, Sergey finds time for hobbies such as fishing with friends, playing basketball and tennis, and listening to contemporary electronic music. He is a religious person and sings at the Church of the Image Not Made by Hands. In his personal life, Sergey met his love, Natalia, at the church. After a brief courtship, they got married in early 2013. Natalia provides unwavering support to Sergey in all aspects of his life.

Future Goals

Sergey continues to work hard and is committed to his craft. He meticulously prepares for each performance and is grateful to his fans, taking the time to connect with them individually. Currently in his fifth year of studies, Sergey dreams of working in Alexander Gradsky's theater and undergoing an internship in Italy. He also plans to explore singing in various genres. Before stepping on stage, Sergey always turns to God, seeking guidance and hoping for success in competitions. Even if he does not win first place, Sergey remains dedicated to his music and vows to continue his vocal education to delight his fans with his remarkable performances.