Sharon Fallon

Sharon Fallon

British financial administrator, victim of meningitis.
Country: Great Britain

  1. Sharon Fallon: A Survivor of Meningitis
  2. The Onset of Suffering
  3. A Timely Intervention
  4. A Late Diagnosis
  5. A Battle for Survival
  6. A New Lease on Life

Sharon Fallon: A Survivor of Meningitis

Sharon Fallon, a British financial administrator, became a victim of meningitis despite her extensive knowledge of its symptoms and readiness to respond to any signs in her children. Unfortunately, fate played a cruel trick on her, as she failed to recognize the disease when it attacked her instead of her children.

Sharon Fallon

The Onset of Suffering

It all began with a mild but unpleasant headache one morning before work. Sharon took some painkillers, hoping for relief, but the pain only intensified as the day progressed. By the end of her workday, the pain became unbearable, and Sharon's head felt like it was about to burst.

Sharon Fallon

Her greatest desire was to retreat to the comfort of her bed, but the pain proved too intense to conquer easily. Upon reaching home, Sharon took another dose of medication and tried to sleep. Unfortunately, she couldn't get a full night's rest as the excruciating pain woke her up again a few hours later. At this stage, she also experienced severe vomiting.

A Timely Intervention

Remembering a colleague's recent complaints about feeling unwell, Sharon assumed she had caught some illness. Deciding to rest at home, she took a sick leave, planning to spend the day on the couch under the covers.

Sharon's husband, Steven, rarely had the opportunity to take time off during the workday. Even his lunch break was typically a time of active work. However, on this occasion, Steven decided to carve out an hour to check on his ailing wife. This decision ultimately saved Sharon's life.

Steven found his wife in the same place he had left her but without any signs of consciousness. He immediately called an ambulance, which rushed Sharon to the hospital. The doctors later admitted that had Steven returned from work even an hour later, it was likely that Sharon wouldn't have survived.

A Late Diagnosis

After examining Sharon, the doctors finally diagnosed her with classic pneumococcal meningitis. Unfortunately, treatment should have started much earlier, but meningitis is often overlooked in adults. While parents actively monitor their children for symptoms, adults may not recognize the warning signs in themselves. Sharon, who knew the symptoms of meningitis all too well, would have immediately noticed them in any of her children, but she failed to recognize them in herself in time.

Meningitis is commonly associated with children, but approximately half of all cases occur in individuals aged 15 and above. Delayed diagnosis can be fatal, as the disease can inflict extensive damage. Even those who survive meningitis may be left permanently disabled.

A Battle for Survival

Sharon's case required immediate action. She was transferred to a specialized ward and induced into an artificial coma to reduce brain swelling. Unfortunately, even these measures did not guarantee a successful outcome. The doctors estimated Sharon's chances of survival to be 1 in 10, and the hope of avoiding long-term side effects was minimal.

Despite the doctors' pessimism, Sharon slowly but surely began to recover. After six days, she was disconnected from the ventilator, demonstrating clear and coherent thinking, which was remarkable for a meningitis survivor. She was later transferred to a local hospital, where she spent another three weeks. While the physical symptoms gradually subsided, it took Sharon about 10 months to fully recover.

A New Lease on Life

Today, Sharon Fallon leads a normal life, going to work, attending the gym, and actively participating in charitable projects that raise funds to combat meningitis.