Sharon Farrell

Sharon Farrell

British woman who lost 60 kilograms
Country: Great Britain

  1. Biography of Sharon Farrell
  2. Early Life and Struggles
  3. Health Complications and Turning Point
  4. The Weight Loss Journey
  5. Recognition and Personal Growth

Biography of Sharon Farrell

Early Life and Struggles

Sharon Farrell, a British woman who lost 60 kilograms, had always struggled with her weight. She was a large child and started gaining significant weight at the age of 19 after the loss of her father. Dealing with the grief, Farrell found solace in food. Over the years, she attempted multiple diets but was unable to sustain them, often gaining back more weight than she had lost. In 2004, her mother fell ill, causing Farrell to neglect her own health and resort to unhealthy eating habits.

Health Complications and Turning Point

As a result of her excessive weight gain, Farrell began experiencing severe shortness of breath and had heart-related issues. It seemed nothing could motivate her to change, until one incident on a bus in February 2010. A passenger sitting next to her insulted Farrell, saying there was no space because of her weight. Devastated and humiliated, she left the bus and decided it was time for a change.

The Weight Loss Journey

Weighing 20 stones and 3 pounds (approximately 128 kilograms) with a body mass index indicating extreme obesity, Farrell joined a local weight loss group in March 2010. Through regular gym sessions, keeping a food diary, and practicing portion control, she lost her first stone (around 6.35 kilograms) in just five weeks. As the weight steadily dropped, Farrell noticed a significant improvement in her overall well-being, even managing to stop taking antidepressants. Over the course of two years, she shed a total of 9 stones (approximately 57 kilograms), weighing in at 10 stones and 11 pounds (around 68 kilograms).

Recognition and Personal Growth

Farrell's incredible transformation earned her the Rosemary Conley Award, along with a monetary prize of £1000. However, for Farrell, the most important reward was how much better she felt about herself. She continues to monitor her calorie intake but has learned to make it a natural part of her routine. She is grateful to the unknown bus passenger who triggered her positive change, as it ultimately led her to a healthier and happier life.