Sigris Valdis

Sigris Valdis

American actress
Date of Birth: 21.12.1935
Country: USA

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Biography of Sigrid Valdis

Sigrid Valdis, born as Patricia Ann Olson, was an American actress. She was born in Bakersfield, California and grew up in the Westwood area of Los Angeles. Valdis began her career in the modeling industry as a teenager, working for various major retail stores such as 'Bullock'. After finishing school, she moved to Europe and then to New York City, where she continued her modeling career and started studying acting under the guidance of Stella Adler.

Sigris Valdis

Acting Career

Valdis began her acting career in the late 1950s, initially taking on minor roles in films and television series. She appeared in shows such as 'The Wild Wild West' and 'Kraft Television Theatre'. However, her breakthrough came when she was cast as Hilda, Colonel Klink's secretary, in the comedy series 'Hogan's Heroes'. She portrayed the character in forty-three episodes of the show.

Sigris Valdis

Personal Life

Valdis was married twice. Her first marriage was to fashion executive George Gilbert Eade. They had a daughter named Melissa before Eade passed away in 1967. In 1970, Valdis married Bob Crane, who was also a star of 'Hogan's Heroes'. They had a son together in 1971. After the birth of their son, Valdis decided to retire from acting.

Later Years

After Crane's murder in 1978, Valdis left Los Angeles and moved to Seattle. In 1998, she joined the team of the weekly comedy sketch radio show 'Shaken, Not Stirred', which was led by her son. In 2004, Valdis left radio and returned to Westwood, where she had spent much of her childhood.


Sigrid Valdis passed away on October 14, 2007, in Anaheim, California at the age of seventy-two. She died from cancer. She was survived by her two daughters, Melissa Smith and Ana Sarmiento, her son Scott, her sister Dale Gadegaard, her brother-in-law Hans California, one granddaughter named Robin Smith, and four grandsons.


Throughout her career, Sigrid Valdis appeared in four films and three television series. Her most notable work remains her portrayal of Hilda in 'Hogan's Heroes', a role she played in forty-three episodes of the show.