Stephen Akinmurele

Stephen Akinmurele

Suspect in a series of murders
Country: Spain

  1. The Biography of Stephen Akinmurele
  2. The Cul-de-sac Killer
  3. A Tragic End
  4. Eric Boardman's Heroism

The Biography of Stephen Akinmurele

Stephen Akinmurele was a suspect in a series of murders that took place between 1995 and 1998. He ended his own life before facing trial, although he had confessed to several of the killings. The police believe that Stephen may have been responsible for the deaths of two more individuals.

The Cul-de-sac Killer

Stephen Akinmurele's case gained notoriety due to his long-standing hatred towards elderly people. All of his victims were elderly, leading investigators to conclude that he harbored a pathological animosity towards the elderly. He earned the nickname 'cul-de-sac killer' for his preference in targeting victims who lived on quiet suburban streets.

A Tragic End

In August 1999, Stephen Akinmurele took his own life in Manchester Prison. In his suicide note, he confessed to the committed murders and expressed remorse for his actions. He also revealed his fear that he would resume killing. Prior to this, Stephen had already confessed to three murders of younger victims, although the police were confident that these confessions were false, made in an attempt to divert suspicion away from his discrimination against the elderly, which served as his primary motive for the killings.

Eric Boardman's Heroism

One of Stephen Akinmurele's victims, Eric Boardman, was posthumously awarded for defending himself and his wife against the killer. Boardman's actions at the crime scene provided crucial evidence, allowing the police to identify the culprit through his fingerprints.