Styles P.

Styles P.

Rap artist
Date of Birth: 28.11.1974
Country: USA

  1. Biography of Styles P
  2. Early Career and Formation of "THE LOX"
  3. Transition to "Interscope" and Solo Career
  4. Collaborations and Further Success

Biography of Styles P

Styles P, born David Styles on November 28, 1974, is a renowned American rapper and a member of the group "D-Block." He gained fame and popularity through his explicit and bold songs. Styles P was born in Queens, USA, to parents who were not wealthy or influential, so he had to make his way to fame relying solely on his own abilities. He spent his youth years in the small town of Yonkers, where he became familiar with the street culture and its laws.

 Styles P.

Early Career and Formation of "THE LOX"

In 1994, Styles P began his musical career. Alongside his friends Jadakiss and Sheek, he decided to form a rap collective called "THE LOX." They visited various recording studios for some time until they received an offer from the label "Bad Boy Records." In 1998, their debut album, titled "Money, Power & Respect," was released. The most successful track from this album was "Money, Power, Respect," produced in collaboration with the famous group "Fellow Bad Boy."

 Styles P.

Transition to "Interscope" and Solo Career

Desiring more recognition and luxury, Styles P convinced his team to sign a more lucrative contract with the studio "Interscope." This led to the release of their second album, "We Are The Streets." In 2002, Styles P decided to release his debut solo album titled "A Gangster and a Gentleman." The majority of the song lyrics were explicit and centered around taboo topics such as marijuana smoking and drug use. The singles "The Life" and "Good Times" became hits from this album.

Collaborations and Further Success

In 2003, Styles P and his group recorded the song "Some Niggas," which immediately resonated with many "street boys" due to its raw portrayal of violence and brutality behind bars. In 2004, Styles P showcased his collaboration with the renowned musician Akon through the song "Locked Up." He has also worked with several other notable artists, including Ghostface Killah, DMX, Jadakiss, Akon, and Miri Ben-Ari. Styles P has recorded albums such as "A Gangster and a Gentleman," "Time Is Money," and "Super Gangster, Extraordinary Gentleman."