Ted Dexter

Ted Dexter

English cricketer
Date of Birth: 15.05.1935
Country: Great Britain

Biography of Ted Dexter

Ted Dexter, also known as Lord Ted, was an English cricketer and sportsman. He was born on May 15, 1935, in Milan, Italy. Dexter attended multiple schools and began playing cricket during his time at Radley College from 1950 to 1953. He started as a wicketkeeper and ended up as the team captain, earning him the nickname Lord Ted, which stayed with him throughout his life.

Ted Dexter

In 1956-1957, he served in the army and participated in the Malayan war, where he was awarded a medal. Dexter enrolled in Jesus College, Cambridge in October 1955, where he played golf and rugby in addition to cricket. In 1958, he became the captain of the university cricket team.

Ted Dexter

Dexter made his debut in tests against New Zealand on July 24, 1958. He was named Wisden Cricketer of the Year in 1961 and became the captain of Sussex County Cricket Club. He led both the England and Wales cricket team and Sussex until his retirement in 1965.

Unfortunately, his sporting career came to an end when he broke his leg in a car accident in 1965. Dexter left Sussex and only played sporadically after that. He pursued a career in journalism, television presenting, and PR. He served as the chairman of the National Cricket Team's management board from 1989 to 1993 and was the chairman of the Marylebone Cricket Club until 2003.

Beyond cricket, Ted Dexter was a talented golfer, winning several amateur championships. He married Susan Georgina Longfield, the daughter of former cricketer Tom Longfield, whom he met at a party in Cambridge University. They had a son named Thomas and a daughter named Genevieve.

Dexter was passionate about cars, motorcycles, greyhounds, and racehorses. In 1970, he even piloted his own plane, the Aztec BPA-23, to Australia with his family to cover 'The Ashes' cricket series. He wrote for publications like 'The Observer' and 'The Sunday Mirror' and had a unique writing style that pleased both editors.

Dexter loved horse racing so much that he brought a portable television to the dressing rooms to watch races during breaks. He co-authored a detective novel titled 'Testkill' in 1976, which centered around the murder of an Australian bowler during a match against the English team.

Described by his friends as a cheerful and enthusiastic person, Dexter had a zest for life but would lose interest if things became monotonous. He thrived on the thrill of competition, which partly explained his passion for horse racing.