Troy Knapp

Troy Knapp

American forest hermit
Country: USA

  1. Biography of Troy James Knapp
  2. An American Hermit in the Woods
  3. Troy James Knapp - American Hermit and Criminal
  4. Criminal History
  5. A Preference for Warm Hunting Cabins
  6. Imprisonment and Criminal Activities

Biography of Troy James Knapp

An American Hermit in the Woods

Residents of the vicinity of Zion Mountain in the state of Utah had long been aware that their hunting cabins were occasionally visited by unwelcome guests. However, when these incidents escalated into full-blown vandalism, their friendliness and patience came to an end. The distorted icons, broken household appliances, and excrement in the pots were the traces left behind by a wild hermit named Troy James Knapp.

Troy Knapp

Troy James Knapp - American Hermit and Criminal

Troy James Knapp, also known as Troy James Knapp, is an American hermit and criminal who systematically robbed and burglarized hunting cabins and houses of local residents in the state of Utah for several years. The capture of Troy James Knapp became a celebration for the inhabitants of Sanpete County, Utah, in the vicinity of Zion National Park. He settled in the surrounding forests in 2007, which was when the local police began receiving more frequent reports of burglaries. Knapp's signature was the chaos he left behind. In the cabins where he operated, he left an incredible mess. There have been cases where he even defecated in cooking pots, leaving a very peculiar 'greeting' to the stunned owners. Naturally, the local residents were also angered by such behavior. Several attempts were made to hunt him down on a large scale, but Knapp always managed to slip away. He excelled at surviving in the forest and had learned to adapt to any harsh conditions. He intended to spend the rest of his life as a hermit.

Troy Knapp

Criminal History

Troy James Knapp's criminal history began in 2000 when he was sentenced to two years in prison for theft. He did not serve the full term and was released on parole, but he violated the conditions of his release and fled to his home state, California. Strange cases of theft and disorderliness began in Utah, in the vicinity of Zion National Park. There are many seasonal residences here, and it was in the hunting cabins that Knapp found an easy target for his crimes. However, it remained unclear why he felt the need to overturn and vandalize everything he left behind. Furniture riddled with bullet holes, broken windows, ruined appliances, and even distorted icons - these were the conditions in which the owners found their dwellings after the forest robberies. Sometimes, he would leave written messages to the owners, suggesting they leave 'his mountains' forever. Knapp was well-armed, physically fit, and easily traversed the forest over long distances. Surveillance cameras occasionally captured him - a tall, white man with light hair and facial hair. Later, when fingerprints of the criminal were collected and matched against the database, the identity of the forest robber, Troy James Knapp, was established. A wanted notice was disseminated - a white male, approximately 180 cm tall, red-haired, with facial hair and multiple tattoos. Armed and dangerous. In 2011, his photo also surfaced - he was walking through the forest on snowshoes, with a rifle slung over his shoulder, giving him the appearance of a daring forest bandit.

Troy Knapp

A Preference for Warm Hunting Cabins

During particularly cold winter weeks, he preferred to live not in his tent in the forest but in warm hunting cabins, where he had access to hot food and a proper bed. Once again, the question arose - why defile a house that provided shelter from the winter cold? Unfortunately, there was no answer to this question. Knapp was eventually captured in April 2013 after a serious manhunt led by the sheriff's men.

Imprisonment and Criminal Activities

The 45-year-old Knapp went straight to prison to await trial and sentencing. By the way, his criminal life began in his teenage years, and his relatives, who live in Moscow, Idaho, refuse to provide any comments. When Knapp realized he was surrounded and couldn't escape this time, he dropped his rifle and theatrically said, "You caught me."

There is no hope that his sentence will be lenient because, unlike other forest hermits who peacefully live in the woods and gradually steal from recreational bases and seasonal cabins, Knapp behaved aggressively. He got into shootouts with law enforcement and even fired at a police helicopter.