Tyra Hunter

Tyra Hunter

An American transsexual who gained fame in connection with a lawsuit accusing a number of medical workers of medical negligence.
Country: USA

  1. Biography of Tyra Hunter
  2. The Incident and Legal Case
  3. The Lawsuit and Compensation
  4. Impact and TYRA Association

Biography of Tyra Hunter

Tyra Hunter (born in 1970, died on August 7, 1995) was an American transgender woman who gained fame due to a legal case accusing several medical workers of medical negligence, violation of medical ethics, and failure to provide medical assistance.

The Incident and Legal Case

During a car accident in which Tyra Hunter sustained severe injuries, it was revealed during the court investigation that the emergency medical workers who arrived at the scene, upon discovering that she was transgender, subjected her to insults and mocking remarks and effectively ceased providing her with emergency care. Furthermore, the hospital staff to which Tyra was taken also failed to provide her with adequate and timely medical assistance.

The Lawsuit and Compensation

Tyra's mother, Marjorie Hunter, filed a lawsuit against the District of Columbia authorities and the hospital. After considering all the circumstances of the case, on December 11, 1998, the court awarded Marjorie Hunter a compensation of $2,873,000. Of this amount, $500,000 was paid to Tyra's mother for the intentional denial of assistance and insults against her daughter by the emergency medical workers at the scene. Additionally, $1.5 million was awarded for the conscious infliction of pain and suffering, inadequate and untimely provision of medical care at the hospital, which was a result of prejudice, medical negligence, and a deliberate violation of medical ethics.

Impact and TYRA Association

Dana Priesling, an observer during Tyra Hunter's death trial, wrote that the presented evidence confirmed the version that negative stereotypes about transgender individuals in American society (such as assuming all transgender women are street prostitutes, drug users, etc.) influenced the quality and timeliness of the medical assistance provided. As a result, the hospital staff did not consider her life worth the effort to save. In memory of Tyra Hunter, who lost her life due to medical prejudice and stereotypes, the TYRA Association was founded. It became a joint initiative of the Illinois Association of Gender Minority Advocates and the Howard Brown Medical Center.

The acronym "TYRA" stands for "Transgender Youth Resources and Advocacy," emphasizing the organization's focus on providing resources and advocating for the rights of transgender youth.