Vadim Merlis

Vadim Merlis

Russian designer
Country: Russia

  1. Vadim Merlis: The Designer of Stage Attire
  2. A Bright and Promising Career
  3. A Celebrity-Approved Brand

Vadim Merlis: The Designer of Stage Attire

Vadim Merlis is a Russian designer who specializes in the development and creation of stage outfits. Unlike other designers in Russia, Vadim focuses primarily on designing attire for high-profile events, red carpets, and premieres. His collections are bold, creative, and attention-grabbing. Vadim works with media personalities and famous artists, but he is also happy to assist anyone who is not afraid to shine and wants to embrace their brightest side.

A Bright and Promising Career

Vadim Merlis is an extraordinarily vibrant young man who captivates his audience with his positive energy, open smile, sparkling eyes, and sharp style. He effortlessly and confidently wins the hearts of his numerous clients. Vadim discovered his passion for design from an early age and began sketching his first designs. He went on to receive a higher education in design.

In 2007, Vadim started working as a designer for the Sultanы Frantzyuzovoi chain of stores. In 2009, he brought vibrancy and originality to Sergei Sysoev's traditional classic suits. A year later, he was offered the position of lead designer at Incity. In 2011, Vadim was invited to be the creative director of the brand Harizmas.

Since 2007, Vadim's clothing under his own label has been sold in the best department stores in Moscow. In 2011, he created Merlis Atelier, dedicating all his time to creating new collections and developing the company. Merlis Atelier has become a forge of celebrity style.

A Celebrity-Approved Brand

Although Merlis Atelier is a relatively young company, the designer has already won the hearts of many famous personalities. The brand follows Western counterparts where some fashion houses are exclusively focused on creating stage outfits. Vadim possesses all the necessary qualities for this task - talent, sensitivity, and a large team of professional workers ready to bring any idea to life within a day.

Singer and television presenter Yulia Kovalchuk started collaborating with Vadim about six months ago, trusting him to create new concert costumes for herself and her ballet troupe. Over time, Yulia, with her youth, energy, and radiating positivity, became Vadim's muse. He also designed a dress for Yulia's anniversary, which took place in November. The dress garnered significant interest and excitement among the guests and the press.

"Working with Yulia is a great pleasure," says Vadim. "She knows exactly what she wants. We create bright, sensual pieces. Sometimes they are provocative, like the anniversary dress, and sometimes more subdued, but they always accentuate her uniqueness and virtues. Yulia's style is one that everyone wants to emulate, and I am already receiving orders for similar dresses and costumes. This means that our task has been accomplished, as people are changing their style by looking at Yulia and other popular personalities, moving away from everyday gray colors."

Among Vadim's regular celebrity clients are Evelina Bledans, Anfisa Chekhova, and actor Jean Daniel, among others. However, despite the priority of working with artists, Vadim Merlis also caters to other clients.

"I mainly create individual looks for artists," Vadim explains. "But I have also been releasing collections for seven seasons that can be purchased in Moscow's shopping centers. I don't make everyday clothes. You won't find ordinary gray sweaters and pants in my collections. This is clothing for the stage, social events, presentations, red carpets, and other occasions that call for a bright, creative evening or cocktail look. These collections are released in small exclusive editions so that anyone who purchases them can feel the uniqueness of their new image. At the 'Star Costume Shop,' where all the collections are gathered, showbiz stars can rent dresses and costumes. And anyone who wants to try on a bright celebrity style can quickly find something that suits them with the help of experienced stylist-consultants and develop their own unique style."

The addresses of the "Star Costume Shop" are Dubininskaya Street 71 in the Tsvetnoy Mall, 1st floor at Sunday Up Market; Moscow Hotel, 3rd floor at Podium Market; European Mall, 3rd floor at Perfetta; and Kaleidoscope Mall, 2nd floor at Perfetta. You can also find Vadim's designs at the "Fashion and Coffee" store on B. Kozikhinsky Lane 23.