Valeriy Gitin

Valeriy Gitin

Ukrainian and Russian writer, psychologist
Date of Birth: 12.03.1942
Country: Ukraine

  1. Biography of Valeriy Gitin
  2. Writer and Psychologist
  3. Ataman of "Kazatskoye Voisko imeni hetmana Mazepy"
  4. Recognition and Renaming of "Uzviz hetmana Mazepy"

Biography of Valeriy Gitin

Valeriy Gitin is a Ukrainian and Russian writer, psychologist, vice-president of the Association of Detective and Historical Novels, and a laureate of the All-Union Screenwriters' Competitions. He is also an honorary member of the Union of Writers of Ukraine and the ataman of the Kharkov city organization "Kazatskoye Voisko imeni hetmana Mazepy" (Cossack Army named after Hetman Mazepa). He was born on March 12, 1942, in Ufa, into a Ukrainian family. His grandfather fought in Nestor Makhno's detachment and later in the Volunteer Army of General Denikin. His father was a participant in the Great Patriotic War. After the war, the Gitin family moved to Lviv, and in 1954 they settled in Rostov-on-Don. In 1956, Valeriy Gitin returned to Kharkov, where he graduated from the Kharkov Institute of Culture.

Writer and Psychologist

Valeriy Gitin is the author of books that have been published in large print runs in Ukraine and Russia. His writing spans various genres, including detective and historical novels. He has gained recognition for his literary work both nationally and internationally.

Ataman of "Kazatskoye Voisko imeni hetmana Mazepy"

In 2002, Valeriy Gitin founded the Kharkov city organization "Kazatskoye Voisko imeni hetmana Mazepy" (Cossack Army named after Hetman Mazepa). The main goal of the organization is to unite Cossacks for the revival and development of the historical traditions of the Ukrainian Cossack state "Hetmanate". Valeriy Gitin is one of the organizers of the work on the study of historical sites associated with the activities and presence of the Ukrainian hetman Ivan Mazepa, highlighting his role in the creation of an independent Ukraine.

Recognition and Renaming of "Uzviz hetmana Mazepy"

In 2006, on the initiative of the Cossacks of the organization "Kazatskoye Voisko imeni hetmana Mazepy", the descent of Khalturin was renamed "uzviz hetmana Mazepy" (the descent of Hetman Mazepa), and a road sign "Uzviz hetmana Mazepy" was installed at the beginning of the descent. According to Valeriy Gitin, the purpose of this event was to attract the attention of the public and the city authorities of Kharkov to "the personality of the outstanding statesman and spiritual leader of Ukraine, Ivan Mazepa, whose election as hetman of Ukraine in the Kharkiv region laid the foundation for the independence of Ukraine."