Vera Fisher

Vera Fisher

Date of Birth: 27.11.1951
Country: Brazil

Biography of Vera Fischer

Vera Fischer was born on November 27th, 1951 in Blumenau, a provincial Brazilian town in Santa Catarina. She had a very happy childhood here. Her father, Emil Fischer, owned a small shop, while her mother, Hildegarde Bernt Fischer, had a background in local theater and always dreamt of an acting future for her daughter.

Vera Fisher

Beauty played a significant role in Vera's life. At the age of 16, she won the title of "Miss Santa Catarina" and went on to represent her state in the national beauty pageant in 1969, effortlessly winning over her competitors. It was during this time that she received her first taste of success, winning a car as a prize and gaining an opportunity to break into television. However, even at that time, the young beauty did not abandon her dream of becoming a journalist and enrolled in the history and philosophy faculty at the University of Santa Catarina.

However, as "Miss Brazil," Vera was obligated to appear on television and soon found herself hosting one of the television programs. It was during this time that she decided to pursue a career as an actress. While many doubted her acting talent, she began starring in erotic films. After three years, at the age of 25, directors finally noticed her and started inviting her to soap operas and feature films. Throughout her career, she appeared in 18 films and 15 television series, and her name on the credits became a guarantee of success.

Despite undergoing numerous plastic surgeries, Vera Fischer is still considered the most beautiful woman in Brazil by the majority of Brazilians. In her personal life, things were not as smooth. Shortly after entering the acting industry, she fell in love with actor Perry Salles. Their marriage lasted 16 years and was considered exemplary. During their marriage, Vera gave birth to their daughter, Rafaela, who is now 23 years old and also an actress who studied in the United States. However, their marriage eventually ended when she met Felipe Camargo on the set of a soap opera in 1988. Camargo, who was nine years younger than her, played her son in the show. She divorced her first husband without major disputes, and they remain on good terms today. Vera then married Camargo and gave birth to their son Gabriel in 1992. However, by 1994, their family faced difficulties with scandalous news reports about the filming of the soap opera "Labirint," where Vera arrived heavily intoxicated. Globo, the television network, terminated her long-standing contract. As her marriage with Camargo ended, he was granted custody of their son, alleging that Vera locked him in a dark room while he cried. In an attempt to overcome alcohol and drug addiction, Vera spent three years wandering between psychoneurological clinics. Globo spent 25 thousand reals on her treatment. After her full recovery in 1998, the television network once again signed a contract with her and gave her a small role as Laura in "Shalnoye Dengi." It was during this time that Fischer fought for her right to have constant custody of her son, instead of meeting him once every 15 days. She was also invited to play the lead role in the soap opera "Family Bonds," where she regained her former fame and popularity. All the rumors seemed to fade from the memory of the viewers.

Vera Fischer is back on the big screen. Recently, the actress starred in the soap opera "Clone" and finally won the right to be with her son. However, it will take some time for the court's decision to take effect.