Vitaly Linetskiy

Vitaly Linetskiy

Ukrainian theater and film actor,
Date of Birth: 22.10.1971
Country: Ukraine

Biography of Vitaliy Lynetsky

Vitaliy Lynetsky is a Ukrainian actor of theater and cinema. He was born in Ivan-Frankivsk and developed a passion for acting from a young age. Lynetsky had a difficult time with exams in school and always felt nervous about them. Despite this, he auditioned for the Youth Theater of Ukraine, where he began his theatrical career.

Lynetsky later auditioned for Lesya Ukrainka National Academic Theater of Russian Drama in Kyiv. He became a part of the theater's troupe and worked under the direction of renowned directors such as Yuriy Odnokyy, Dima Bogomazov, and Roman Viktyuk. Lynetsky appreciated the creative atmosphere and the opportunity to work with talented individuals.

However, Lynetsky expressed his disappointment with the current state of theater in Kyiv. He felt that there was a lack of new and interesting productions, and that people had lost interest in theater as a form of entertainment. He also criticized the repertory theater system, which he believed limited artistic freedom and creativity.

Despite his frustrations with the theater scene in Kyiv, Lynetsky remained grateful for the support and understanding he received from the artistic director of his theater, Volodymyr Mytnyk. Mytnyk allowed Lynetsky to pursue acting opportunities outside of the theater, which was not always the case in other theaters.

While Lynetsky enjoyed working in both theater and film, he expressed a preference for theater. He loved the live performances and the ability to connect with the audience on an emotional level. Lynetsky felt that theater allowed him to fully immerse himself in his craft and brought him the most joy.

Lynetsky also discussed his desire to create his own theater studio, where directors could choose actors for specific roles and offer them the opportunity to decline if they were not interested. He believed that this approach would foster a more creative and fulfilling environment for actors.

In terms of his personal life, Lynetsky talked about his marriage and his relationship with his hometown of Ivan-Frankivsk. He expressed a sense of detachment and the desire for something new and exciting. Lynetsky also mentioned his interest in writing, though he admitted to having a fear of it.

Lynetsky had the opportunity to travel and perform in various places, including Paris, where he participated in the "Days of Ukraine in France" event. He enjoyed the experience and the chance to explore different cultures. Lynetsky appreciated the recognition and opportunities that came with his acting career, but he also emphasized the importance of receiving fair compensation for his work.

Overall, Vitaliy Lynetsky is a talented and dedicated actor who continues to pursue his love for theater and film. He remains optimistic about the future and the possibility of creating meaningful, impactful projects in the Ukrainian entertainment industry.