Vladimir Balandin

Vladimir Balandin

Fighter pilot
Country: Azerbaijan

  1. Biography of Vladimir Balandin
  2. Heroic Actions and Tragic Death
  3. Awards and Legacy

Biography of Vladimir Balandin

Vladimir Alexandrovich Balandin was born in February 1923 in Baku, in a family of an oil worker. He completed an incomplete secondary school and worked as a lathe operator at a machine-building plant. In 1941, he was called up for service in the Red Army and a year later graduated from the Stalingrad Military Aviation School for Pilots. He served on the fronts of the Great Patriotic War from May 1942. He became the squadron commander of the 18th Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment (303rd Fighter Aviation Division, 1st Air Army, 3rd Belarusian Front). By October 1944, Senior Lieutenant V. A. Balandin had completed 228 combat flights, engaged in 30 aerial battles, personally shooting down 15 enemy aircraft and 1 as part of a group.

Heroic Actions and Tragic Death

On April 19, 1945, for his courage and bravery demonstrated in battles against the enemy, V. A. Balandin was posthumously awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union. Tragically, Vladimir Alexandrovich lost his life on December 30, 1944, in an aerial battle during the liberation of Lithuania. By that time, he had completed 236 combat flights, personally destroyed 18 enemy aircraft, and 1 in a group with his comrades.

Awards and Legacy

Vladimir Balandin was honored with the Orders of Lenin, the Red Banner (twice), the Patriotic War of the 2nd degree (twice), and several medals. He was buried in Kapsukas (Lithuania). In the square of the machine-building plant in Baku, a bust of the Hero has been installed, and a street and a school in the Mardakyan settlement of the Baku City Council bear his name.