Vyacheslav Tsarev

Vyacheslav Tsarev

Country: Russia

  1. Biography of Vyacheslav Tsarev
  2. Early Acting Career
  3. Breakthrough Role
  4. Later Career and Personal Life

Biography of Vyacheslav Tsarev

Vyacheslav Tsarev was an actor who was born and raised in a regular family. He often referred to himself as "a peasant." His mother worked as a watchman at the second thermal power station near the Kiev train station, and they lived in the village of Troitsa-Golenishchevo, next to the famous Mosfilm studio. This upbringing played a significant role in shaping Tsarev's destiny.

Vyacheslav Tsarev

Early Acting Career

One day, while riding a trolleybus with a friend, Tsarev accidentally bumped into a ticket inspector who turned out to be the director Elem Klimov, who was looking for children for his new film, "Welcome, or No Trespassing." Klimov offered Tsarev a chance to try his luck in the film industry. Excited, Tsarev went home and told his mother about the opportunity. Initially, she was worried and asked, "Where would you go?" Nevertheless, Tsarev and his mother attended the auditions together. Tsarev vividly remembered the overwhelming number of children and his own humble background. Despite these challenges, Tsarev sang a song, recited a poem, and was selected for a role.

Breakthrough Role

Tsarev's first major role came in the film "Welcome, or No Trespassing," which was filmed in the pioneer camp "Orlenok." The filming experience was enjoyable for Tsarev and the other children involved. Tsarev portrayed a funny boy with big ears who constantly asked silly questions. His catchphrase, "What are you doing here?" became popular among the viewers, and Tsarev became recognizable on the streets. A few years later, Tsarev had the opportunity to work with the renowned director Andrei Tarkovsky in his film "Andrei Rublev." Tsarev played the role of Andreika, a friend of the protagonist. Although Tsarev enjoyed the experience, he acknowledged that working with Tarkovsky was more challenging.

Later Career and Personal Life

After completing school, Tsarev served in the navy for three years before immediately getting married. He and his first wife had a son but eventually divorced after living together for five years. Tsarev later remarried, and this marriage turned out to be more successful. Throughout his life, Tsarev worked in various jobs, including being a wine store loader, a cleaner at a psychiatric clinic near Moscow, an ice cream vendor, a guard, and a janitor. However, he was no longer called for acting roles in the film industry. In the final years of his life, Tsarev lived in Butovo, living a modest life and struggling with alcohol addiction. He passed away on June 28, 2006, in a hospital after suffering a second stroke without regaining consciousness. He was buried at Perepechino Cemetery.