Walter Piston

Walter Piston

American composer and teacher
Date of Birth: 20.01.1894
Country: USA

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Biography of Walter Piston

Early Life and Education

Walter Piston was born on January 20, 1894 in Rockland, Maine. He studied composition with Nadia Boulanger in Paris after completing his studies at Harvard University in 1924.


After returning to the United States, Piston taught at the music faculty of Harvard University, where he later became the dean. As a composer, Piston gained recognition for his chamber music compositions, which were noted for their skillful contrapuntal writing and rhythmic inventiveness. One of his most famous works is the ballet suite "The Incredible Flutist" (1938). Piston was twice awarded the Pulitzer Prize, first in 1948 for his Third Symphony and again in 1961 for his Seventh Symphony.


Piston was also known for his contributions as an author. He wrote several notable books, including "Principles of Harmonic Analysis" (1933), "Orchestration" (1955), and "Harmony" (3rd edition - 1962).


Walter Piston passed away on November 12, 1976 in Belmont, Massachusetts.