William Gilbert Grace

William Gilbert Grace

The most famous player in the history of cricket.
Country: Great Britain

Biography of William Gilbert Grace

William Gilbert Grace, born in 1848 in Gloucestershire, England, is considered the most famous cricket player in history. Alongside his two brothers, he learned to play cricket at a young age, with their mother serving as their first teacher. Mrs. Grace was an excellent player herself, and eventually, all three brothers were accepted into the main cricket team of Gloucestershire County.

Although Grace completed his medical studies and obtained a doctor's degree, cricket remained the main focus of his life. He played his first serious match at the age of 16 and continued playing until the age of 60. Throughout his career, he set new standards in every aspect of the game. Grace was unmatched as a batsman, but also excelled as a bowler and fielder. He scored a total of 54,896 runs, including 126 centuries, took 2,876 wickets, and caught 877 balls. There was truly no one like him on the cricket field.

In the 1871 season, Grace averaged 78 runs per game, which was twice as much as the second-best player in England. In the 1876 season, he scored 344,177 runs for his team and remained not out 318 times in three consecutive innings in first league matches. Grace also captained the Gloucestershire County team, leading them to victory in the national championship. He served as the captain of the English team 13 times in matches against Australia.

William Gilbert Grace's impact on cricket is unparalleled, and his legacy as the greatest player in cricket history lives on.