Yisrael Katz

Yisrael Katz

Israeli politician and statesman.
Date of Birth: 21.09.1955
Country: Israel

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Biography of Israel Katz

Israel Katz is an Israeli politician and statesman who has served as the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development of Israel from 2003 to 2006, and as the Minister of Transport since 2009. He has also held the position of Minister of Intelligence and a member of the Security Cabinet of Israel since 2015.

Israel Katz was born on September 21, 1955, in the city of Ashkelon. After completing his military service with the rank of captain, he began his political career within the ranks of the Herut party. He served as a special assistant to Ariel Sharon and was elected to the Knesset in November 1998, replacing Ehud Olmert, who could not combine the position of mayor of Jerusalem with parliamentary activities.

After the 16th Knesset elections, Katz was appointed as the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development. Following the formation of the government led by Benjamin Netanyahu in 2009, he was appointed as the Minister of Transport and Road Safety. In 2007, he was accused of fraud and breach of public trust by the Israel Police, but the case was closed by the prosecution in 2009.

Israel Katz resides in the moshav of Kfar Ahim and is married with two children. He holds a Bachelor's degree in International Relations from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Minister of Transport

As the Minister of Transport, Israel Katz has focused on the development of transportation infrastructure, recognizing that the topic of transportation affects every citizen of Israel and is a driving force for economic growth. He believes that improving transportation systems and infrastructure is crucial in reducing social inequality in the country.

To achieve this goal, the Ministry of Transport has implemented transportation projects with a total investment of over 100 billion shekels, including the "Roads of Israel" program. This program involves extending the Trans-Israel Highway (Highway 6), constructing new roads and expanding existing ones, and replacing traffic lights with interchanges to significantly reduce travel time throughout the country.

Another key reform led by Minister Katz is the "Open Skies" agreement, signed with EU countries in June 2013. This agreement has significantly reduced airfare prices and introduced new destinations accessible from Israel, making Israel part of Europe in terms of aviation.

Katz has also initiated reforms in the management of Israel Railways, aiming to enhance safety and service levels. Additionally, he has implemented a reform program in the port industry to strengthen competition in Israel's maritime ports, which is expected to create new jobs and lower the cost of living.

Furthermore, Katz played a pivotal role in the development of the Ramon Airport in Timna, near the city of Eilat. This airport serves as an additional international airport for Israel and handles domestic flights as well.

Overall, Israel Katz's work as the Minister of Transport focuses on improving transportation infrastructure, enhancing efficiency, and reducing social inequality in Israel.