Zsolt Sinka

Zsolt Sinka

World record holder for dragging a plane 39.2 m in 52 seconds
Country: Hungary

  1. Biography of Jolt Sinka
  2. Setting the World Record
  3. Unprecedented Achievement
  4. Recognition and Rewards
  5. Continuing Legacy

Biography of Jolt Sinka

Jolt Sinka, also known as "Popey," is a Hungarian strongman who gained international recognition in 2013 when he set a world record for dragging an airplane with his teeth. Born and raised in Hungary, Sinka has always had a passion for strength and physical feats.

Zsolt Sinka

Setting the World Record

In the summer of 2013, a significant event took place at the Liszt Ferenc Airport in Budapest. Sinka, the main protagonist, astounded spectators and supporters as he successfully dragged an Airbus A320 airplane, weighing approximately 50 tons, with his teeth over a distance of 39.2 meters in a record-breaking 52 seconds. The feat required immense strength and determination, with Sinka gripping a yellow rope connected to the airplane and propelling himself forward with the help of a specialized leg support.

Unprecedented Achievement

Sinka's remarkable achievement caught the attention of people worldwide. Videos of his feat quickly spread on the internet, showcasing his seemingly effortless ability to move such a heavy object using only his teeth. His physical prowess and commanding presence impressed both enthusiasts and professionals in the field.

Recognition and Rewards

Sinka's record-breaking accomplishment earned him widespread acclaim and recognition. The company, Wizz Air, which owned the airplane he dragged, awarded Sinka a miniature inflatable replica of the Airbus A320 as a token of their appreciation. Overjoyed with his achievement, Sinka promptly grasped the toy plane with his teeth, further showcasing the power of his jaw.

Continuing Legacy

In Hungary, Sinka is known by his nickname "Popey," a testament to his incredible jaw strength and numerous victories in national strongman competitions. However, it was his unprecedented feat of dragging an airplane with his teeth that catapulted Sinka to international fame. As the holder of the current world record, Sinka has undoubtedly inspired countless individuals to attempt to surpass his achievement. Meanwhile, the strongman himself may already be contemplating even greater challenges, setting his sights on heavier airplanes in the future.