Alan Howard

Alan Howard

Financier, founder of Brevan Howard Asset Management
Country: USA

Biography of Alan Howard

Alan Howard, a financier and the founder of Brevan Howard Asset Management, is currently ranked eighth on Forbes' list of the 20 richest bankers, financiers, and investment fund owners in the United States. In 2008, London-based Brevan Howard Asset Management, founded by Alan Howard in 2003, became one of the most profitable management companies in the world.

Alan Howard gained his initial experience in the sales department of Credit Suisse before founding his own hedge fund, which is currently valued at $22 billion. His team at Brevan Howard consists of 250 individuals, many of whom previously worked with him at Credit Suisse. Among his team members are some of the best traders in Europe and the world, including James Vernon, Jean-Philippe Bloch, Chris Rokos, and Trifon Natisis.

Brevan Howard Asset Management has specialized in large global investments and forex trading since its inception. "It's a very risky business," says Howard in his traditional English accent, "although driving a car in London is much more dangerous." Howard's former colleague at Credit Suisse, Oswald Grubel, described him as a trader who understands the price of risk. "He is well aware of the risks he takes, but he never exceeds his capabilities. That's what sets a good trader apart from a bad one," Grubel said.

In early 2008, Alan Howard, the largest sponsor of the local Conservative Party and the head of the lobbying group Conservative Friends of Israel, unexpectedly announced that due to the decision to increase taxes in the UK, Brevan Howard might change its residency and relocate, along with transferring its capital, to Switzerland. He met with authorities from several Swiss cantons to discuss the possibility of opening offices and establishing a headquarters in the Alpine country.

This incident caused a significant uproar among both the general public, who were distant from finance, and major analysts. However, Brevan Howard's headquarters still remain in London to this day. By August of the same year, despite the ultimatums to the government, Alan Howard and Brevan Howard increased their capital by 73%.

According to Forbes, Alan Howard earned $330 million in 2008, and his total capital amounts to approximately $700 million. In the current financial crisis, Howard is forced to make decisions quickly and promptly, without considering future profits. "We must be very flexible in a market with rapidly changing sentiment," says Alan. And so far, he has been successful in doing so.