Alberico Crescitelli

Alberico Crescitelli

Saint of the Roman Catholic Church, priest, missionary, martyr.
Date of Birth: 30.06.1863
Country: Italy

  1. Biography of Saint Albéric Crescitelli
  2. The Boxer Rebellion
  3. Beatification and Canonization
  4. Feast Day and Legacy

Biography of Saint Albéric Crescitelli

Albéric Crescitelli was a member of the missionary organization "Institute of Foreign Missions" in Milan. He was ordained as a priest on June 4, 1887. In 1888, he was sent on a mission to northeastern China, specifically the Shanxi province, where he engaged in missionary work among the local residents.

The Boxer Rebellion

During 1899-1901, China experienced the Boxer Rebellion, a violent uprising that resulted in the deaths of numerous Christians, including foreign missionaries. Albéric Crescitelli was one of the martyrs who lost their lives at the hands of the Boxers.

Beatification and Canonization

Albéric Crescitelli was beatified by Pope Pius XII on February 18, 1951, and canonized by Pope John Paul II on October 1, 2000, as part of the group of 120 Chinese martyrs. He is recognized as a saint in the Roman Catholic Church.

Feast Day and Legacy

Saint Albéric Crescitelli is remembered and honored in the Catholic Church on July 9th, his feast day. His life and sacrifice serve as an inspiration to believers, highlighting the courage and devotion of missionaries who dedicated themselves to spreading the message of Christianity in challenging circumstances.