Albert Kriemler

Albert Kriemler

Fashion designer
Country: Switzerland

  1. Biography of Albert Kriemler
  2. Akris: Fashion for All Women
  3. Collaborations and Recognitions
  4. Conclusion

Biography of Albert Kriemler

Albert Kriemler, the fashionable designer, creates trendy outfits for feminine beauties who know how to infuse their garments with the right amounts of personal beauty and possess a worthy charisma. As the creative head of the family company 'Akris,' founded by Alice Kriemler Schoch in 1922, Albert joined the ranks in 1980 at the age of 20. Quickly rising through the ranks, Kriemler took charge of the company's creative department, overseeing the distribution of the brand's products first in Europe and then in Asia and America.

Albert Kriemler

Akris: Fashion for All Women

'Akris' caters to women of all ages and nationalities, with the only requirement being the ability to demand the best from their clothing. Confidence and style are key in showcasing oneself in Akris creations. Notable personalities such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Melva Bucksbaum, Amy Phelan, Lisa Anastos, Dalia Oberlander, Amanda Hearst, Caroline Brown, Renee Fleming, Yvonne Force, Lydia Fenet, Roopal Patel, and Emilie Rubinfeld happily acquire Kriemler's latest designs.

Albert Kriemler

Collaborations and Recognitions

One of Kriemler's most renowned projects was his collaboration with ballet choreographer John Neumeier in creating a series of costumes for Neumeier's proteges. These costumes were used for performances with the Vienna Philharmonic and the Hamburg Ballet. In 2004, Albert presented one of his collections for the first time at a fashion show in Paris. In 2009, he created the first signature collection of handbags made from horsehair.

Albert Kriemler

In 2008, the Swiss Federal Office of Culture awarded Albert Kriemler the Grand Prix of the Design Competition and a special recognition for his contributions to the field of design. It was emphasized that Albert is an important representative of the country in the international fashion arena. In 2010, Albert Kriemler was nominated for the '2010 Fashion Group International Awards,' held in New York.


Albert Kriemler's talent and dedication have established him as a renowned fashion designer. With his ability to create garments that enhance the natural beauty and charisma of women, Kriemler has built a successful career at Akris. His collaborations and recognitions highlight his influence in the fashion industry, and his designs continue to captivate women around the world.