Alex Tew

Alex Tew

Briton who made a million in three months
Country: Great Britain

  1. Alex Tew: The Millionaire Student
  2. The Million Dollar Homepage Project
  3. The Success and Challenges
  4. Notable Clients
  5. Challenges and Threats
  6. The Legacy and Unmatched Success

Alex Tew: The Millionaire Student

Alex Tew, a British student, earned one million dollars in just six months through his personal website, In 2005, while contemplating how to help his parents pay for his education, Alex decided to sell one million pixels on the homepage of his website for one dollar per pixel. He expected buyers to place their logos or advertisements on the purchased pixels, with the option to hyperlink to their own websites. However, since the pixel size was too small, Alex grouped them into blocks of 10x10 pixels, resulting in a block price of $100. Alex's expenses for implementing his plan amounted to only 50 euros, which he paid for the domain name registration.

Alex Tew

The Million Dollar Homepage Project

The website was launched on August 26, 2005, with Alex's main goal being to sell all the pixels on the homepage, thus generating a revenue of one million dollars. He sold his first block at the minimum price to one of his friends, earning his first $100. Three days after the website's launch, another one of Alex's friends purchased 400 pixels and placed an advertisement for his music website. Over the course of two weeks, Alex's friends and family collectively bought 4,700 pixels. By the end of September, Alex had earned $250,000, and the number of unique daily visitors reached 65,000.

Alex Tew

The Success and Challenges

In early October, the number of unique daily visitors increased to 100,000, and by October 26, just two months after the project began, more than 500,900 pixels had been sold to 1,400 clients. The last thousand pixels were sold in January 2006 on an eBay auction for $38,100. Although there were bids up to $160,000, many participants refused to pay their bids, or the bids were canceled as hoaxes. After six months, the website had generated a revenue of $1,037,100. After deducting expenses, taxes, and donations to 'The Prince's Trust,' Alex received a net income of $700,000.

Notable Clients

Among the buyers were Bonanza Gift Shop, Book of Cool, Panda Software, British Schools Karting Championship, Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price, The Times,, Orange, Schiffer Publishing, Tenacious D, Rhapsody,,, as well as numerous private firms and enterprises offering various services and even online dating sites. Alex promised his clients that the website would remain online for at least five years, until August 26, 2010.

Challenges and Threats

However, on January 7, 2006, three days before the last thousand pixels were sold on auction, Alex received a threatening email demanding a ransom of $5,000. He ignored these demands, considering them a joke, but soon realized his mistake. The threat was carried out, and the website remained inaccessible to visitors for a week. After the website was restored, Alex received another email with threats, this time demanding $50,000. The case of extortion was investigated by the British police and the FBI, but the location of the perpetrators could not be determined, although investigators believed the attacks originated from Russia.

The Legacy and Unmatched Success

In hopes of becoming rich, website owners around the world began selling advertisements based on pixels. However, none of them were able to replicate the success of Alex Tew's project.