Alexander Melamud

Alexander Melamud

Russian and Ukrainian businessman, millionaire
Date of Birth: 04.01.1961
Country: Russia

  1. Biography of Alexander Melamud
  2. Poet and Traveler
  3. Family and Personal Life
  4. Partnership and Success
  5. Hobbies and Beliefs

Biography of Alexander Melamud

Alexander Leonidovich Melamud is a Russian and Ukrainian businessman and millionaire. He was born in Moldova in 1961 and has been living in Russia since 1978. Melamud graduated from the Moscow Institute of Railway Engineers in 1984 with a degree in railway engineering. After briefly working in his field of study on the Moscow-Kursk railway section, Melamud started his own business with friends in 1987. He initially opened a small sewing workshop where they made warm sports pants.

Alexander Melamud

Over time, Melamud ventured into different industries and changed his field of activity five times. Today, he is a prominent businessman in Russia and Ukraine with several major projects to his name. He is a co-owner of the "Dream Town" shopping and entertainment center, the "Aquarium" fitness club, the "Shakhrazada" restaurant chain, and the "Lee Cooper Jeans" stores. He was also a former co-owner of "Alfa-Nafta" and "TVK Globus."

Poet and Traveler

In addition to his business ventures, Melamud is also known as a poet and the author of several poetry collections. He has a popular blog on the internet where he shares his thoughts and writings. As a passionate traveler, Melamud has been fortunate enough to explore exotic corners of the world. He particularly loves Africa, South America, and Polynesia. He considers the Amazon rainforest as one of the most breathtaking places on Earth. Melamud has plans for future trips and has already charted a route for a circumnavigation journey.

Family and Personal Life

Melamud is married and has been with his wife since their student days. They have four children together. The family resides in Moscow, and their older children have their own apartments. Melamud attributes the secret to his long and happy marriage to resolving conflicts and problems before going to bed. He believes in addressing issues promptly to avoid accumulating negative energy that could affect their relationship. His eldest daughter is a psychiatrist specializing in eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia, and they have plans to open centers in Moscow and Kyiv. Another daughter is a director of animated films, while his son is a student, and the youngest daughter is still in school.

Partnership and Success

Melamud has been in partnership with his friends Garik Korogodsky, Mikhail Shpilman, and Oleg Krapivin for over fifty years. He credits their success to trust and the ability to find compromises. Melamud believes that their partnership is sacred and goes beyond anything else. He does not remember the exact moment he earned his first million because everything seemed to work naturally, and success came on its own.

Hobbies and Beliefs

In his free time, Melamud writes poetry and has also written several unique screenplays. He is known for being physically strong, weighing over a hundred kilograms. While he does not have a specific style in clothing, he relies on a designer in Kyiv to enhance his wardrobe. Melamud is an atheist but respects the moral aspects of religion. He is involved in various charitable activities, although he prefers not to publicize or disclose the specific projects he supports. He does not participate in elections and generally keeps a low profile. Today, Alexander Melamud, the "Singing Millionaire," performs his songs in his own restaurants, travels extensively, and is constructing his new home near the Ukrainian president's residence.