Alexander Trubetskoy

Alexander Trubetskoy

Date of Birth: 14.03.1947
Country: France

  1. Alexander Trubetskoy Biography
  2. Early Life and Family
  3. Education and Military Service
  4. Emigration and Experiences
  5. Professional Career
  6. Current Activities
  7. Personal Life

Alexander Trubetskoy Biography

Early Life and Family

Alexander Alexandrovich Trubetskoy, a prince, was born on March 14, 1947, in Paris, France, to a family of Russian immigrants. His father, Prince Alexander Evgenievich Trubetskoy (1892-1968), and mother, Princess Alexandra Mikhailovna Golitsyna (1900-1991), were both members of noble Russian families. Alexander Trubetskoy is a direct descendant of the Trubetskoy and Golitsyn princely families.

Education and Military Service

Alexander Trubetskoy spent his childhood and youth in his family estate near Kaluga, Russia. He developed a passion for equestrian sports, hunting, and photography during this time. When World War II broke out, he felt a sense of duty towards his country and joined the military. He attended the Nikolayev Cavalry School and later served in the Leib-Guards Konno-Grenadier Regiment. Trubetskoy participated in various military operations and received several military honors for his service.

Emigration and Experiences

After the Russian Civil War, Alexander Trubetskoy's family emigrated to France. In the 1930s, his father took part in an expedition to save the Russian royal family, which ended tragically. Trubetskoy's family faced hardships and lived modestly in Paris. Alexander married Alexandra Mikhailovna Golitsyna, his first wife's widow, and they had four children together.

Professional Career

Trubetskoy's career took him to various countries, including Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon, where he worked on delivering equipment for oil fields. He later joined the Thomson company, specializing in telecommunications and computer systems, and focused on the Russian market. Trubetskoy played a significant role in supplying communication systems to prestigious Russian institutions such as the Russian Academy of Sciences, TASS, and Gazprom.

Current Activities

In recent years, Alexander Trubetskoy has been actively involved in the "Union of Friends of Bulgaria" public organization. He has met with Bulgarian leaders and visited various countries in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and regions of the Russian Federation. Trubetskoy believes that his name serves as a reminder of Russia's history, culture, and geopolitical position.

Personal Life

Alexander Trubetskoy's hobbies include sailing, flying small planes, and playing musical instruments such as the balalaika and guitar. He is a devout Orthodox Christian and actively participates in church activities. Trubetskoy continues to honor the memory of his family's military heritage, attending reunions of the Leib-Guards Konno-Grenadier Regiment and organizing memorial events for fallen soldiers.