Alison Reynolds

Alison Reynolds

English fraudster and swindler.
Country: Great Britain

  1. Biography of Alison Reynolds
  2. An English Fraudster and Swindler
  3. The Masks of Alison Reynolds
  4. A Long History of Deception
  5. Desperately Seeking Jake Roverton
  6. A Web of Deceit
  7. The Bristol Debacle

Biography of Alison Reynolds

An English Fraudster and Swindler

Alison Reynolds is a notorious English fraudster and swindler who has been involved in various scams and schemes over the years. She has successfully deceived numerous individuals and organizations, particularly those in the theater industry, by collecting funds on behalf of fictitious companies such as 'Myths and Mirrors', 'Dreamweavers', and 'Plan B'. Born in Southampton, the 42-year-old approached her craft with great seriousness, even going as far as writing her own play to add credibility to her schemes.

The Masks of Alison Reynolds

Reynolds used multiple disguises to carry out her fraudulent activities. One of her most elaborate ruses involved impersonating twin daughters of the legendary Anglo-American writer Thomas Stearns Eliot, despite the fact that he was childless. Under the aliases Claire and Chess Eliot, she exploited her personas to collect tax deductions on behalf of non-existent theater troupes. With her skillful use of wigs, makeup, and a vast array of costumes, Reynolds assumed at least eleven different identities over the past decade.

A Long History of Deception

It is difficult to determine the exact number of victims who have fallen prey to Reynolds' cunning scams. The actors' union 'Equity' had already warned British theater workers about her provocations as early as 2006. Her first proven fraudulent activities date back to 2001 when she was working for the Southern Arts Board in Winchester. During this time, Reynolds managed to secure a substantial monetary grant for a certain Kat Mallory, who was later revealed to be just another one of her fabricated identities.

Desperately Seeking Jake Roverton

In 2003, Reynolds first appeared as the daughters of Thomas Eliot in Burton-upon-Trent, Staffordshire. Claire and Chess Eliot established their own theater company and actively promoted their play titled 'Desperately Seeking Jake Roverton', which they had written themselves. Reynolds' audacity and natural persuasiveness allowed her to deceive many unsuspecting individuals. She rehearsed for free in a local theater for a prolonged period and even became an acting coach. It was only later that theater staff began to suspect something was amiss when they realized they had never seen Claire and Chess together. Although Reynolds was confronted about her deception and admitted her guilt, she managed to avoid serious legal consequences due to a lack of evidence.

A Web of Deceit

A year later, in Sheffield, Reynolds launched another scheme under the pseudonym Rebecca Perry. She organized a touring theater troupe called Dreamweavers Theatre Company and planned to perform the same play, previously known as 'Desperately Seeking Jake Roverton', under a different title. However, her time in Sheffield was short-lived as she managed to gather $8,000 in grants while accumulating $7,500 in debts before disappearing without paying the hired actors and stage workers.

The Bristol Debacle

Reynolds's next fraudulent endeavor took place in Bristol, where her attempt to stage her play ended in failure. She disappeared with the money, leaving behind unpaid actors and staff members. In total, Reynolds was found guilty of eight different charges, including tax evasion, using a fake driver's license, and forging official documents. Her sentence will be determined within the next month.