Amber Frey

Amber Frey

Scott Peterson's mistress (killer of his wife and unborn child)
Date of Birth: 10.02.1975
Country: USA

  1. Biography of Amber Frey
  2. Relationship with Scott Peterson
  3. Discovery and Involvement
  4. Book and Revelations

Biography of Amber Frey

Amber Dawn Frey was born on February 10, 1975, in the United States. She gained fame after the trial of Scott Peterson, who was convicted of murdering his wife and their unborn child. Amber, an ordinary American girl, worked as a massage therapist in a mediocre beauty salon in California. She also had a brief stint as a model, but her career in the industry did not take off.

Relationship with Scott Peterson

Amber began dating Scott Peterson in December 2002, unaware that he was already married and expecting a child. Scott had told her that he was a widower, possibly to win her favor quickly. Their relationship was filled with romance and extravagance, with Scott showering Amber with champagne, strawberries, and lavish gifts. He would also regale her with stories about his "thriving" business in Europe and other tall tales. Over time, Amber grew convinced that Scott was the man meant for her, while he continued to entice her with promises of stability and a desire to have a large family.

Discovery and Involvement

One Christmas, Amber grew suspicious of Scott's lies when she sent him a gift to the address he provided as his home, only for it to be returned undelivered. With the help of a friend in the police force, Amber embarked on a quest to locate Peterson. Eventually, she discovered that her lover lived in Modesto. Around the same time, news reports began to mention the disappearance of a pregnant woman named Laci Peterson, who turned out to be Scott's wife.

Amber didn't immediately realize that Laci was Scott's wife, but after being contacted by the police, she learned the truth. In November 2003, the entire nation was shocked by Scott Peterson's heinous crime. After an extensive investigation, it was proven that he had murdered his wife and their unborn child before disposing of her body in the San Francisco Bay. Peterson was sentenced to death by a jury. Amber Frey became the key witness for the prosecution.

Book and Revelations

In 2005, Amber Frey released a book titled "Witness for the Prosecution: My Life with Scott Peterson." In her memoir, she delves into her thoughts and feelings towards this man, revealing insights into his character and some intriguing details about their relationship.