Americo Amorim

Americo Amorim

Owner of Grupo Amorim
Country: Portugal

Biography of Amerigo Amorim

Amerigo Amorim, also known as the King of Cork, is the owner of Grupo Amorim, the largest cork manufacturing company in the world. Despite starting as a small factory opened by his grandfather in 1870, the company has grown into a global enterprise with annual revenues of $650 million.

In addition to leading Grupo Amorim, Amerigo is also the owner of Telecel-Comunicacoes Pessoais SA, one of the most significant mobile operators in Portugal. He has diversified his business interests and investments, mainly in the finance and energy sectors. Furthermore, Amerigo has plans to develop tourism in Brazil and venture into the real estate industry.

Amerigo firmly believes that expanding the company's involvement in other business sectors, even though cork remains its main focus, will be justified and productive. He sees this as a significant contribution not only to the company's growth but also to the Portuguese economy. This is evident through the company's actions in the mobile phone industry, oil, and private banking.

Amerigo attributes the success of Grupo Amorim to a keen understanding of the company's values, a proper awareness of the current situation, and the knowledge and skills of the company's management and employees.

Over a century later, Grupo Amorim continues to thrive and has reached a completely different level. The organization is now multinational, diverse, and a highly professional entity in its field. Amerigo firmly believes that solid principles for sustainable development, constant innovation, long-term strategic vision, meticulousness in management, and efficient use of resources, including human resources, are the foundation of any successful enterprise.

Amerigo often speaks about the mission of the company and his own. His mission is to professionally manage the organization with an international perspective, maximize its viability while preserving its values, and maintain a harmonious relationship with nature.