Amina Goodwin

Amina Goodwin

English pianist.
Date of Birth: 05.12.1867
Country: Great Britain

  1. Biography of Amina Goodwin
  2. Introduction
  3. Early Life and Career
  4. Professional Career and Contributions
  5. Pedagogical Work and School Establishment

Biography of Amina Goodwin


Amina Goodwin is an English pianist. She was born and raised in a musical family, with her father, John Lawrence Goodwin, being a violinist and organist.

Early Life and Career

At the age of nine, Amina made her debut with the Halle Orchestra, performing Jan Ladislav Dussek's Concerto in E-flat major. She showed exceptional talent and passion for music, which led her to enroll at the Leipzig Conservatory at the age of eleven. There, she studied piano with Karl Reinecke and composition with Salomon Jadassohn. Amina also had the opportunity to visit Ferenc Liszt in Weimar and further hone her skills in Frankfurt under the guidance of Clara Schumann, who had a significant influence on her and turned her into a proponent of Robert Schumann's work.

Professional Career and Contributions

Even before completing her studies, Amina began performing concerts in London in the 1880s. She played at prestigious venues like the Crystal Palace and Covent Garden Theatre. In 1892, she settled permanently in London and started giving solo concerts. However, she primarily worked as an ensemble pianist, joining the London Trio (1899-1927) alongside cellist William Whitehouse and various violinists, including Achille Simonetti and Albert Sammons. The ensemble's recordings in 1905, featuring pieces by Beethoven, Mendelssohn, and Schumann, are considered among the first professional chamber ensemble recordings in the history of sound recording.

Pedagogical Work and School Establishment

In addition to her performing career, Amina also dedicated herself to teaching. In 1892, she published a manual titled "Practical Hints on the Technique & Touch of Pianoforte Playing," based on Clara Schumann's methods. Furthermore, in 1895, she founded a music school for girls in London.

Overall, Amina Goodwin's contributions to the world of music as a pianist, ensemble player, and educator have left a lasting impact, showcasing her talent and dedication to her craft.