Anatoliy Bondarenko

Anatoliy Bondarenko

Producer and lead singer of the group "Nancy"
Date of Birth: 11.01.1966
Country: Russia

Biography of Anatoly Bondarenko

Anatoly Bondarenko, a producer and soloist of the group "Nancy," was born on January 11, 1966, in the Soviet Union, Ukrainian SSR, in the city of Konstantinovka, which is his hometown. He developed a serious interest in music in the fourth grade of a boarding school. In the early 80s, he participated in several amateur school bands as a soloist, bass guitarist, and later as a rhythm and solo guitarist. While playing in school ensembles, he performed songs by ABBA, Bony-M, Smokie, and Soviet pop music.

In 1983, he formed the band "Hobby," which later became a popular collective in the Donetsk region. "Hobby" released an album called "Crystal Love," which consisted of a cycle of self-composed songs. Until August 1991, Anatoly Bondarenko toured with the group in various venues in the region, successfully attracting audiences. However, during the period of the Soviet Union's dissolution, he decided to disband "Hobby."

The collaboration with the musicians from "Hobby" became a valuable experience for Bondarenko in determining his musical style and ability to captivate the audience. In 1992, he gathered new members for the group with the prospect of moving to Moscow. By the end of 1992, their album was completed and the name of the group became "Nancy." The "Union" studio in Moscow immediately took on the responsibility of promoting their cassette album throughout the post-Soviet space, and in 1993, the song "Smoke of Cigarettes with Menthol" began its march to huge sales.

In 1994, Nancy gained popularity as their songs were played on all radio stations. Their first laser disc was released in 1995-1996, and they appeared on the central channels of Russia and Ukraine. In 1996, on the First Channel (ORT) program "Muz-Obor," Nancy was named the best group in the country. Anatoly Bondarenko's wife, Elena Viktorovna Bondarenko (Heronenko), became the director of the group in 2000.

Anatoly Bondarenko has released several albums throughout his career, including "Smoke of Cigarettes with Menthol" (1995-1998), "Tuman-Tuman" (1999-2001), "Gorko Plakala Iva" (2001-2003), and "Favorite Songs" (2004). In 2009, a solo program titled "Anatoly Bondarenko Sings" is being prepared for release.

Bondarenko has received numerous awards and honors throughout his career. In 1984, he received an honorary diploma from the Komsomol (All-Union Leninist Young Communist League) for active participation in the school's public life. In 1993, the newspaper "Znamya Industrii" named Nancy the best group of the year. In 1995, he received the "Silver Galosh" award, and in 1996, Nancy was awarded the title of the best group on the program "Muz-Obor" on the First Channel. He has also been awarded the Order of "Service to Art" in both silver (2006) and gold (2007) degrees.

On July 14, 1993, Anatoly Bondarenko opened his own studio called "Nancy," which is now called "Mentol Music Records."