Anatoliy Gorbunov

Anatoliy Gorbunov

Double of Putin (President of Russia)
Country: Russia

  1. Biography of Anatoly Gorbunov
  2. Early Life and Education
  3. Career
  4. Putin Impersonator
  5. Music Video Appearance
  6. Conclusion

Biography of Anatoly Gorbunov

Anatoly Gorbunov, also known as the "Putin's doppelganger," is a Russian actor who gained fame for his striking resemblance to Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia. He was born on August 21, 1963, in the village of Zhukovskaya in the Rostov region.

Anatoliy Gorbunov

Early Life and Education

Gorbunov completed his education at the Novocherkassk Polytechnic Institute in 1985, where he graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering. Despite his engineering background, Gorbunov embarked on a different career path, eventually finding success in the entertainment industry.

Anatoliy Gorbunov


After finishing his studies, Gorbunov returned to his hometown of Volgodonsk, where he initially worked as a manager. However, his passion for the media industry led him to a managerial position at a local television company and four radio stations. It was during this time that Gorbunov's uncanny resemblance to Vladimir Putin became widely known.

Putin Impersonator

Gorbunov gained significant recognition due to his physical resemblance to Putin, which he cleverly capitalized on. In a humorous video, he playfully congratulated the people of Volgodonsk on the New Year in 2002, mimicking Putin's mannerisms and speech patterns. This video quickly went viral, catapulting Gorbunov into the spotlight.

Music Video Appearance

Building on his newfound fame, Gorbunov appeared in a music video for the group "Poïushchie Vmeste," where he portrayed none other than Vladimir Putin himself. This cameo further solidified Gorbunov's reputation as the "Putin's double" and expanded his reach beyond the local media scene.


Anatoly Gorbunov, the Russian actor known for his striking resemblance to Vladimir Putin, has successfully carved out a niche for himself in the entertainment industry. From his early days as a manager to his current status as a beloved impersonator, Gorbunov continues to captivate audiences with his portrayal of the Russian president.