Angelina Samoshina

Angelina Samoshina

Member of the underground organization 'Young Guard'.
Date of Birth: 10.11.1924
Country: Ukraine

Biography of Angelina Samoshina

Angelina Samoshina was born on November 10, 1924, in the village of Nikitovka, Sverdlovsk District, Oryol Oblast, in a peasant family. She was the youngest of the children and had blue eyes and light, short-cropped hair, which gave her a gentle appearance. Angelina had a cheerful and joyful character and stood out among her friends with her energy and sociability. She had a deep love for nature.

From a young age, Angelina had a thirst for knowledge and quickly absorbed everything taught by her older siblings. By the age of six, she could read, write, and do arithmetic. In the autumn of 1931, the Samoshin family moved to the settlement of Pervomayka, where Angelina enrolled in School No. 5. She excelled in her studies and was an avid reader.

In April 1940, Angelina joined the Komsomol (the Communist Youth League) and actively participated in the school's social life. She served as a pioneer leader, responsible for the younger students, and received numerous awards and commendations for her work. Angelina also participated in the Osoaviakhim club and had a good knowledge of military affairs, leading her class's group.

During the summer and autumn of 1941, Angelina worked in the collective farm fields of Verkhnyaya Derevechka, helping with the harvest during the first year of the war. After completing the 10th grade, she attended medical nursing courses at the city hospital.

Angelina became actively involved with the underground organization "Molodaya Gvardiya" (Young Guard) and played a significant role in their activities, such as distributing leaflets and exposing false Nazi propaganda. To avoid being taken to Germany, she took a job as a German language teacher at the Gerasimovsky settlement school. Her freedom of movement in the area allowed her to carry out tasks assigned by the "Molodaya Gvardiya" headquarters, such as posting leaflets with Soviet news updates and collecting medical supplies.

On January 16, 1943, Angelina Samoshina was arrested and imprisoned with her fellow underground members. Despite the harsh torture she endured, Angelina remained loyal to her friends and their cause until the end. In a prison cell, she left a heartfelt message on the wall: the names Bonadareva, Minaeva, Gromova, and Samoshina were carved in the shape of a heart pierced by an arrow.

After horrific tortures, Angelina was thrown into the shaft of Mine No. 5. Her body bore the marks of the torture, with her hands twisted, ears cut off, and a star carved into her cheek. She was buried in a mass grave for heroes in the central square of Krasnodon.

Angelina Tikhonovna Samoshina was posthumously awarded the Order of the Patriotic War 1st Class and the Medal "Partisan of the Patriotic War" 1st Class for her bravery and sacrifice.