Anthony Perosi

Anthony Perosi

American, plumber, winner of the Powerball lottery.
Country: USA

  1. Biography of Anthony Perosi
  2. Introduction
  3. A Fortunate Turn of Events
  4. The Winning Ticket
  5. The Forgotten Ticket
  6. The Shocking Discovery
  7. The Prize Distribution
  8. Plans for the Future
  9. History and Impact of Powerball

Biography of Anthony Perosi


Anthony Perosi, an American plumber, became a winner of the 'Powerball' lottery after purchasing tickets as a ritual. It is safe to assume that Perosi never expected to win such a substantial prize. However, one ticket brought him a jackpot worth millions of dollars, significantly surpassing any previous expectations.

Anthony Perosi

A Fortunate Turn of Events

The life-changing stroke of luck for American plumber Anthony Perosi began with an unexpected and seemingly unfortunate event - his car broke down on Staten Island a few weeks ago. As the car was essential for his work, repairs were necessary, but they required a significant amount of money. It was at this moment that Perosi remembered his lottery ticket and the news he had heard a few days earlier.

Anthony Perosi

The Winning Ticket

Perosi regularly purchased $2 'Powerball' tickets twice a week, selecting five random numbers and an additional 'Powerball' number. During lunch one day, after a recent lottery draw, the 56-year-old plumber heard an interesting news story - it turned out that the winning ticket had been sold at the same store where he usually bought his tickets. However, a friend in the bar immediately claimed that Perosi should not expect to win because she had heard that a school teacher had already claimed the prize. Believing what he heard, Perosi did not bother checking his tickets.

The Forgotten Ticket

Despite his consistent ticket purchases, Perosi remained relatively indifferent to the lottery. He stored the tickets he bought in a special bag in his basement, between a concrete wall and an electrical switch. Periodically, he would gather the accumulated tickets and check for any small wins. Perhaps the ticket would have remained there until the next check if it weren't for the car breakdown.

The Shocking Discovery

Perosi's thoughts on car repairs shifted to the need for money, which in turn reminded him of the lottery. He remembered the news he had heard and decided to check his ticket after all. Checking it was relatively easy through a special online platform, which Perosi promptly did. The result almost stunned him. For a moment, Perosi couldn't breathe - it felt as if the air was refusing to enter his lungs. He even thought he was having a heart attack as he reached for the ticket, which almost became his final grasp. Perosi imagined the ticket being found in the cold hand of his lifeless body. However, the initial shock subsided, and he started breathing again. Anthony Perosi was not only alive but also the owner of a substantial sum of money. The nearly forgotten lottery ticket brought him $136 million.

The Prize Distribution

Of course, the mentioned amount is not 'net' income - after paying all deductions, the sum would noticeably decrease. Perosi also decided to share the money with his son. Nevertheless, even after all that, Anthony would still receive a decent amount - over $38.5 million, while his son would receive $16.5 million. This jackpot may not claim the title of the largest in history, but it confidently holds the first place on Staten Island and the second place in the ranking of the largest Powerball prizes in New York.

Plans for the Future

The first question that comes to mind when hearing about such a victory is always the same - what will the winner do with the money? Anthony Perosi has already answered this question to journalists, revealing that his plans are not as grand as one might expect. He does not intend to quit his job, although he will work with less intensity. Additionally, he plans to travel and explore the sights of New York state, possibly purchasing a new vehicle in addition to his current truck.

History and Impact of Powerball

The Powerball lottery in the United States originated in 1988 under the name 'Lotto* America' and was renamed on April 19, 1992. At the time of its launch, the lottery stood out from its competitors by using two rotating drums with balls. This approach allowed for more manipulation and increased chances of winning the jackpot but decreased the overall chances of winning.