Antonio Santa-Anna

Antonio Santa-Anna

President of Mexico 1833-35, 1841-44, 1846-47, 1853-55, de facto dictator 1833-55. Gadsden signed the 1853 Treaty with the United States
Date of Birth: 21.02.1794
Country: Mexico

  1. Biography of Antonio López de Santa Anna
  2. Early Life and Military Career
  3. Presidency and Conflicts
  4. Return and Final Years

Biography of Antonio López de Santa Anna

Antonio López de Santa Anna was a prominent Mexican politician and military leader who played a significant role in the history of Mexico during the 19th century. He served as the President of Mexico on multiple occasions and was also a de facto dictator for a large part of his political career.

Early Life and Military Career

Born on February 21, 1794, Santa Anna began his military career at the age of 15 as a cadet. In 1821, he joined forces with Agustín de Iturbide and later contributed to his defeat in 1823. Santa Anna served as the governor of the states of Yucatán and Veracruz before commanding the Mexican army in 1829, leading them to victory against the Spanish during their attempted capture of Mexico City.

Presidency and Conflicts

In 1833, Santa Anna became the President of Mexico and held the position until 1835. During his presidency, he suppressed a rebellion by North American settlers in the Alamo fort in Texas in 1836. However, in the Battle of San Jacinto that same year, the Texan forces under the command of Sam Houston decisively defeated the Mexican army, leading to Texas declaring its independence from Mexico and Santa Anna resigning from office.

In 1838, Santa Anna commanded the Mexican forces in repelling French intervention in Veracruz. He then regained power in 1841 through a coup and resumed his presidency. However, his presidency was marked by a disastrous war with the United States. Following the surrender of Mexico City to American forces in 1847, Santa Anna fled the country.

Return and Final Years

Santa Anna returned to power in 1853 but lost it two years later. He signed the Gadsden Purchase treaty with the United States in 1853, which involved the sale of a strip of Mexican territory to the U.S. Despite his multiple returns to power, Santa Anna's leadership was marred by military defeats and political instability.

Antonio López de Santa Anna died on June 21, 1876, in Mexico City. He left behind a complex legacy as a controversial figure in Mexican history, known for his military prowess, political ambition, and the turbulent times during which he served as a leader.