Date of Birth: 16.08.1985
Country: USA

Biography of Ariana

Ariana Greenblatt, known professionally as Ariana, is an American singer who has made a name for herself in the Russian pop music scene. Born in Houston, Texas, Ariana developed a love for singing at a young age. When she turned 7, her parents moved to Russia, where she began vocal training at the Gnessin School. At the age of 12, she returned to the United States and attended an American school. It was during this time that she became interested in the genre of music known as "new R'n'B."

After two years, Ariana and her parents returned to Moscow, where she started working with popular producer Matvey Anichkin. Her debut music video, "The Fire Was Dead," caught the attention of Sony Music and was featured on MTV. This led to a record deal with the company. Her first single, "Happy New Year," featured the hit song "Pod Ispanskim Nebom," which earned her awards at the "Golden Gramophone" and made her a participant in "Song of the Year 2001."

Ariana continued to release new songs, which quickly became popular hits. Her unique presence in the Russian pop scene sets her apart from other artists. She is the first American artist since Joanna Stingray to try her hand at the Russian music market. Additionally, Ariana's music style, influenced by Rhythm and Blues (R&B), is not commonly found in Russia.

Working with producer Matvey Anichkin, who previously led the popular group "Young Voices," Ariana has found success in the Russian music industry. Her powerful voice and memorable appearance have endeared her to audiences. Despite primarily singing in Russian, Ariana's English-language skills shine in four songs on her album.

Ariana's album, consisting of seventeen tracks, showcases her talent and features collaborations with Matvey Anichkin and even Walter Afanasieff, who has worked with renowned artists like Celine Dion, Ricky Martin, and Mariah Carey. While the music is well-received, some criticism is directed towards the lyrics, which follow the aesthetics of R&B and may use simplistic rhymes.

Ariana's father, Gregory Greenblatt, describes her as "Alsu in reverse," alluding to the fact that Alsu, another Russian pop star, aimed to break into the Western market, whereas Ariana has embraced her Russian roots. Both artists possess a unique blend of youth, beauty, and incredible talent, which captivates audiences.

In a time where Russian pop stars were trying to conquer Europe and the world, it is unexpected that newcomers like Ariana would succeed. These young artists, who grew up in a bilingual environment, possess a different perspective and approach to music. Their ability to achieve success at a young age is something to be admired.

As Ariana releases her album, it marks another milestone in the Russian music scene. With each passing year, more and more Russian artists gain recognition and popularity both domestically and internationally. The album is highly recommended for its quality and showcases Ariana's talent.