Arkadij Kuchierskij

Arkadij Kuchierskij

Country: Ukraine

Arcadiy Kuchiersky: A Biography

Arcadiy Kuchiersky was born in Odessa in 1978. At the age of 7, he started studying percussion and piano at a music school. It was there that he also began taking singing lessons, focusing on solfeggio and music literature. However, his musical education was cut short when his family decided to immigrate to the United States in 1992.

The immigration process was challenging but exciting for Arcadiy. He found new friends and developed new interests, including performing Russian chanson music. His career started with singing and playing guitar at karaoke parties among friends. Eventually, he began performing at restaurants in Los Angeles and later held solo concerts for the Russian community.

In 2003, Arcadiy was inspired by the talented musician Alexey Mostepan to create his first solo album. Alexey wrote six songs specifically for Arcadiy, and they embarked on a long recording journey in the studios. Fate then brought Arcadiy together with two other talented musicians, Sergey Firsov and Sergey Radinovsky, who helped him record an additional 10 songs. After a year of hard work, his first album, titled "You Left...", was ready. It was released in Moscow in December 2004 by producer Andrey Malikhov and the Melodiya label. Several songs from the album received airplay on various radio stations in Ukraine and Russia, including Russkoye Radio and Shanson.

Currently, Arcadiy is working on his second album, scheduled for release in March 2005. He is collaborating with Sergey Radinovsky and Sergey Firsov. Sergey Radinovsky, residing in Moscow, writes songs and arranges them, while Sergey Firsov, based in Los Angeles, handles vocal recording, mixing, and mastering. In this album, Arcadiy also explores his skills as a poet, with one of the songs written based on his own lyrics.

Arcadiy Kuchiersky frequently performs at Russian restaurants in Los Angeles and participates in concerts and other cultural events. For him, chanson is not just a music genre but a way of life. He has a personal website,, where fans can explore his work and interact with the artist himself.