Arturo Bokkini

Arturo Bokkini

Italian statesman, senator (November 16, 1933), chief of the Italian police (1926-1940).
Date of Birth: 12.02.1880
Country: Italy

  1. Biography of Arturo Bocchini
  2. Early Career
  3. Minister of Interior
  4. Death

Biography of Arturo Bocchini

Arturo Bocchini was an Italian government official, senator (November 16, 1933), and chief of the Italian police (1926-1940).

Early Career

Bocchini began his career in public service as the Prefect of Brescia from December 30, 1922, to December 16, 1923. It was during this time that he joined the National Fascist Party in 1923. He then served as the Prefect of Bologna from December 16, 1923, to October 12, 1925, followed by his appointment as the Prefect of Genoa from October 12, 1925, to September 13, 1926.

Minister of Interior

On September 13, 1926, Bocchini succeeded Luigi Federzoni as the Minister of Interior of the Italian Kingdom. During his tenure, he had control over the secret police, OVRA, in 1927. Bocchini actively fought against opponents of the fascist regime in Italy.


Tragically, Bocchini passed away on November 12, 1940, in Rome, due to a stroke.