American neo soul and jazz singer
Date of Birth: 21.08.1979
Country: USA

  1. American Neo-Soul and Jazz Singer
  2. Collaborations and Challenges

American Neo-Soul and Jazz Singer

Bilal is an American neo-soul and jazz singer who is also a member of the free collective group Soulquarians. He gained recognition in 2001 with the release of his debut album, 1st Born Second. The album featured collaborations with Soulquarians members as well as well-known personalities such as Dr. Dre. Although the album received positive reviews, it did not achieve mainstream success, although the single "Soul Sista" gained popularity on underground radio. However, Bilal managed to capture attention and acclaim through his live performances, showcasing his range and ability to sing in a freeform style and classic falsetto.

Collaborations and Challenges

In the following years, Bilal collaborated with various artists and producers, including Dr. Dre and J Dilla, with plans to release an album titled Love For Sale under Interscope Records. However, the album's release date was delayed as the label deemed it commercially unsuccessful. Eventually, the album leaked on the internet, garnering sympathy from fans and music critics alike. Despite constant touring, the situation regarding the album remains unclear.