Bob Edwards

Bob Edwards

105 year old driver
Country: New Zealand

  1. Biography of Bob Edwards
  2. The Oldest Driver
  3. Early Life and Driving
  4. A Long and Active Life
  5. A Lifelong Love for Driving
  6. Remarkable Record
  7. Defying Doctors' Orders
  8. Chasing a Record
  9. A Source of Pride

Biography of Bob Edwards

The Oldest Driver

Bob Edwards, an Englishman, is the oldest driver in the world at the age of 105. Every day, he still gets behind the wheel of his Mitsubishi. He obtained his first driver's license 88 years ago and has been renewing his health certificate every two years since then.

Bob Edwards

Early Life and Driving

Born before the first car rolled out of Henry Ford's factory in Detroit, Bob Edwards received his first driving license on September 16, 1925, in England, when he was only 17 years old. He learned to drive on an old French car that had a lever instead of a steering wheel. Soon after, he moved to New Zealand for work and has remained there for the rest of his life.

Bob Edwards

A Long and Active Life

Bob Edwards' life has been remarkably long, and at 105 years old, he shows no signs of slowing down. He continues to drive his car for daily errands, such as grocery shopping for himself and his 91-year-old wife. Three times a week, he travels 15 kilometers to the store, and he also makes trips for medications and visits to friends. Despite his age, Bob doesn't consider himself old. He confidently states, "I don't really think I'm old, definitely not!"

A Lifelong Love for Driving

Bob started driving in New Zealand with a modified Dodge that he turned into a truck. He recalls that he ended up in New Zealand after responding to an advertisement from the Salvation Army seeking young people to work in English colonies. He chose New Zealand because Canada was too cold and Australia was too hot. Working 16 hours a day, he saved enough money to purchase a larger and newer truck and has spent his entire life behind the wheel.

Remarkable Record

Despite almost 90 years of driving, Bob Edwards has only been in one accident and received a single speeding ticket. He firmly believes that all the problems on the roads are caused by young drivers, a sentiment shared by representatives of the New Zealand Transport Agency.

Defying Doctors' Orders

When Bob broke his left hip a few years ago, doctors advised him against driving. However, he chose to ignore their advice, reasoning that he only uses his right leg while driving.

Chasing a Record

While Bob Edwards is not the record holder for the oldest driver, that title belongs to American Fred Hale Sr, who was still driving at 108 years old in 1998, on his birthday. Bob still has a few more years to drive his car to break that record.

A Source of Pride

Bob's neighbors are incredibly proud of him, as encountering a 105-year-old driver on the road is a rare occurrence. Interestingly, Bob's wife, Lesley, gave up driving thirty years ago, but Bob sees driving as an integral part of his identity. He believes he was born to drive and is confident in his ability to drive any car.