Bob Rosenschein

Bob Rosenschein

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Country: USA

  1. Biography of Bob Rosenschein
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  3. Founding 'Accent Software'
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Biography of Bob Rosenschein

Bob Rosenschein, born in 1953, is an American entrepreneur and software developer. He spent his childhood in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and earned a degree in computer technology from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1976.

Bob Rosenschein

Early Career

After completing his education, Rosenschein worked for companies such as Data General, American Management Systems, World Bank, and Ashton-Tate in the United States. In 1983, he relocated to Israel and began working as a software consultant.

Founding 'Accent Software'

In 1988, Rosenschein co-founded a company called 'Kivun' with his brother, Dr. Jeffrey Rosenschein. The company later transformed into 'Accent Software'. Their initial product, 'Dagesh', was the first text editor for Windows in Hebrew and English. From 1991 to 1992, the company served as a consultant for Microsoft, assisting in the development and enhancement of Jewish and Arabic versions of Windows 3.1. Under the 'Accent' brand, the company continued to develop multilingual software products.

Achievements and Awards

In 1997, Bob Rosenschein received an award for 'Achievements in Software Development' from the Prime Minister of Israel for his work on the 'Dagesh' software. In 1999, he introduced his new project called GuruNet, a question-answering service that allowed users to retrieve facts and figures with a simple click, without having to navigate to the specific web page. GuruNet, later renamed, became the property of the 'Answers Corporation', where Rosenschein served as CEO and Chairman. In 2011, was acquired by 'AFCV Holdings' for $127 million.

Awards and Recognition

In 2009, Bob Rosenschein was honored with the 'Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2009 Award' for his outstanding achievements in entrepreneurship.